25+ Hilariously Awkward Public Transportation Photos

Anyone who has travelled regularly knows that you get to see a lot of weirdos as you travel on public transport. For new comers on the bus or subway, it may be surprising to see a full grown man with a tail and fox ears, but for those who travel regularly it’s not even worth a second look. It can be hilarious to observe all the figures that make an appearance on public transport.

In this post we have listed hilarious photos of the eccentric people found on public transport. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

1 People can’t talk to you on the tube if they can’t find your head.

2 When the Pre Workout kicks in

3 Poor tires!!

4 A clip from Men in Black 4

5 No pants subway ride!

6 We all have our baggage

7 I don’t wanna sit here

8 Just doing some stretches before work

9 That’s such a cute pussy

10 Psycho… in so many ways

11 The way you look when your husband is a hunter

12 When you forget the pants on your presentation day

13 When its not your best day

14 Excuse me miss, you forgot the other half of your pant

15 He certainly doesn’t care about the patterns

16 The love birds

17 When you loose a bet

18 My Anaconda don’t want none

19 Time management?

20 The worst person ever

21 When you see a weirdo on your way back

22 Someone please setup a tent on them

23 Be careful everyone!

24 Is is St. Patrick’s day yet?

25 He’s in the zone

26 I’ll bring my own seat!

27 That pole has a better life than me

28 At what stop are the sets of Kung Fu panda?

29 Oh Snow White what have you done