Some pictures are just completely absurd….20 Epic Fails

Some pictures are just completely absurd. You can’t make sense of them even if you try to. The photos may have a backstory that may justify the logic behind such senseless behavior, but it is highly unlikely for us to stumble upon that backstory.

When browsing through these photos, most of us are left wondering, what the hell is that? So the best thing we can do is just laugh at them and move on.

Listed in this post are 20 photos that are simply epic fails. You can’t really call them anything but that. Scroll down and see for yourself:

1 Can’t she even feel the breeze?!

2 Literally a Backend developer!

3 What should we call it, duck face selfie fail or extreme lip surgery fail?!

4 Why on earth would you use a glass door for a bathroom?

5 Washing head without hands

6 Street Yoga….

7 When you’re new father and love to play snooker!

8 Grew up as Chicken….?!

9 You are not allow to take your rides in the Club

10 For Emergency Tea

11 Oblivious to her epic fail!

12 Screenshot

13 When you need a big bowl

14 Epic..!!

15 Don’t believe in yourself and Quit!!

16 Not the right Place

17 Best parking place ever!

18 People who can’t handle excitement be like…..

19 When you can’t get the real thing…

20 Find someone of your size man….!