Here Are 18 Worst Wedding Dresses Of All The Time!

Whenever we hear the about wedding dresses, we think of a perfect dream dress but this is not the case all the time. Yes, sometimes even the wedding dresses can disappoint you. I know my words hurt your idea of perfect wedding dresses but this is true, wedding dresses can be worst at times. And below are the perfect examples for you.

Scroll down and have a look at the worst wedding dresses of all the time!

1. Oh my god! It seems like a gown made of diapers.

2. And this seems like promoting a new kind of condoms. Lol!

3. The lady is all set for future, now she can use this gown during her pregnancy too. Long-term plannings you know!

4. Great catch, bro.

5. Oh! Undoubtedly one of the worst wedding dresses of all the time. I am sure the groom would feel horny even before his first night.

6. This looks yummy, but imagine it will get unnerving as more of the cake gets eaten.

7. I know we are here to talk about the worst wedding dresses of all the time but can we please talk about the Mark Twain’s hat?

8. Lol! Isn’t it look like a kind of lichen growing on the bride?

9. We are looking from the behind, to be perfectly honest.

10. As a wedding dress it is not at all good but if we talk about the artfulness here, then it’s amazing.


11. Whoa! The bride is ready to blast off.

12. Freedom Guys Freedom! Such nude.

13. Her dress may be tacky, but you’d still crawl over broken glass for a chance to hug Coco.

14. Lol! Definitely one of the worst wedding dresses. After all, rockabilly sucks.

15. What! Is it made of toilet paper?

16. What a similarity they have got?

17. Okay fine! We get it, you are a soccer fan.

18. This is just ridiculous.