Challenge: 30 Days Of Burning Calories By Running

In the childhood, running seemed nothing but fun: games, in which you needed to chase each other, or PE lessons – it was the simplest thing in the world. In adulthood, however, running can be quite challenging without a certain level of fitness. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of walking, and bad habits take a heavy toll on stamina making running increasingly difficult. However, you can change it!

How it works

Through engaging postural muscles, running teaches the body how to efficiently use energy, that is, more work / less energy. In aerobic conditions, fatty acids get oxidized, and we utilize fat as energy. But the more muscle is trained – the less energy it requires.

Running is a good training for the cardiovascular system. Stamina ensures the burning of calories to a certain extent, but everything depends on the specific person, their metabolic rate, and body constitution. Not every running session will provide a fat burning effect, as in order to trigger it, you need to burn through glycogen and start using fats, which takes much longer than 20 minutes. It is important to understand that you won’t lose weight only by running, but it is an important part of a complex approach to becoming healthier and losing excess weight.

If you just want to run for yourself in the mornings or evenings, then don’t forget to let your body restore – run at least every second day. If you are ready to face a real challenge, we offer you the following 30-day program.

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose any time convenient for you. Whether you run in the morning or evening, the effect will be the same.
  • Don’t run too fast, as you weren’t prepared for this.
  • Do a little warm-up before running.
  • Choose the load so as to restore until the next workout.

Please note that our challenge includes both running and walking, as this is an essential part of stamina training. Even when you are not exercising, you can walk instead of going by car or taking a bus.


You will need to get special clothing for running. Buy sneakers for running, as their soles soften the impact, unlike those in which you walk around the city. Don’t forget about the sports bra to provide necessary support to your bust, preventing discomfort while running. Go for cotton socks in order to prevent blisters. A bracelet or a belt bag for your phone. You may also need a bottle of water. And if you want to have total control over the process, then equip yourself with a running app or a fitness tracker.

Also, don’t forget about healthy nutrition, as if you want to achieve the best possible result, you shouldn’t combine running with bad habits and high-fat foods. Take the features of your health into account, and in case you have any doubts, consult with a specialist. Have a successful challenge!