Cup C Coffee Shop In Thailand Has Become A Perfect Destination For All Men

A coffee shop in Ratchaburi Thailand is getting people’s attention!

The waiter, barista and employees are getting plenty of eyeballs due to their uniform. However, it’s pretty common in Thailand because of their weather.

The six serving girls – many of them employed as “pretties” – are getting plenty of attention due to what Sanook referred to as their “plump” side.

Sanook paid a visit to the Cup C Café House in Ratchaburi and spoke to one 39-year-old Thai gentleman who said him and his ten friends had traveled all the way from the South of Thailand after seeing pictures of the viral café online.

He reportedly said, “we came here especially, they are a bit of all right aren’t they?”

Owner Chanisara, 37, said she was surprised by all the attention especially from out of town men after someone took pictures and put them on social media.

She claimed that the first she heard of it was when the shop suddenly started filling up with men only.

She said that there were not enough tables and chairs to cope with all the interest. But she said there was no official dress policy – the staff could dress as they pleased and seeing as many were pretties anyway they chose a sexy style.

Urbandictionary online lists C-Cup as a term meaning slightly larger breast size than normal. It is considered the optimum in America.

Check out the images below: