19 Epic Couple Photos That Are Too Bizarre To Be True

Love is the strongest force that drives this world. Those who get to be with the ones they love are the luckiest of all. When you are with your soul mate, you get used to their quirks, even if they annoy you.

The world is full of examples of amazing couples that overlook their partners’ absurdities and love them for who they are. But then, there is another saying: “Love is blind”. And surprisingly enough, people get the chance to prove it right in most bizarre ways. It’s one thing to overlook one’s quirky ways but a whole different thing to ignore them altogether.

Here, Life Hacks bring you a compilation of images of bizarre couples who looked at the inner beauty of their partners.

So, sit back and enjoy!

The Hipster Grandparents!

These two seem to be a perfect fit for each other. And I can see more of these in near future. I bet, their grandkids are born vegan!

Love the ‘Inner Geek’.

Some people never grow up. They learn to cherish their immaturity in a unique way. And these couples know how to catch ’em all!


When you have to take a photo with your significant other but cannot decide what gender to put on!

Bye Bye Birdie!

We have seen wedding photos where the couple frees the birds to symbolize a new beginning of their lives. But I think, here, birds are in no condition to fly. Please, someone, tell them this!

The knight in shining armor!

Looks like he is quite protective of his girl. A cool choice of wardrobe, though.

Let’s go bananas!

If you share your food with your partner, your love will grow strong. I guess this couple is taking it to a new level.

Secretly, PETA!

Love for animals, check!
Nude models, Check!
Unhappy cats, Check!

A photo to remember!

I can find no reason to be okay with this embarrassing pic, which is put on the Internet!

Staying together.

As a couple, they make a lovely… Ahem ahem… pair, you know. Wait – what were you thinking?


Well, someone’s excited!

Nothing to worry, guys! It’s just awkwardly-angled photo with the bicycle seat in the back

The perfect marriage.

When you are judgmental, you marry someone like you.This can help you to judge other people together.

Poles apart!

These guys are stuck together like magnets. Apparently, opposites do attract.

Beach Hump.

When you are old and wealthy, and suddenly find the ‘love of your life’!

The Goth couple.

Looks like they went to a metal concert, and walked out with a whole new attitude towards life.

Oddly adorable.

This couple is showing their beautiful love, celebrating her pregnancy and his beer gut!

The difference is palpable.

“Out of Your League.” This is what this picture reflects!

The duck and the rooster!

The longer I look at this image, the weirder it gets.


This is a Halloween costume where you are giving birth to your love. Cannot comprehend how many things are wrong with this image

The gym romance.

When you fall in love with the guy on your gym poster and breathe life into him.