This Woman Is Known As Brazil’s Hottest Cop

Brazil has a lot of beautiful things and places and people but it is one of the most dangerous places on the planet. Cops get killed all the time and it is a very difficult job in a place where there is a lot of crime. Especially if you are a woman you have to have the biggest heart in the world and the strongest will to get into the police and serve your country. You never know what kind of people will come to you daily and what kind of situation you can get into. It can be very difficult to protect your country and find crime on the street of Rio and then find time for yourself and get all dolled up for the night and She has a great presence on Instagram. This female brave Cop’s name is Mari Ag and she has found a great balance in her professional and personal life.

She is often referred as “The hottest cop in Brazil” She is 30 years old and we have no doubt that she is beautiful.

This beautiful and brave woman is an inspiration in both her field of work and on Instagram.

She protects the streets of Rio and she is a highway patrol officer and she does her job with dedication.

She is tough on the streets and she was totally different life when she comes home and she manages them both very well. It was her dream since she was a child to become a cop and serve the country.

It takes people their life time to find their passion in life. Some people can’t decide their whole life what makes them happy but she had her goals in mind even when she was a child and she worked hard to get where she wanted. It is not a lot of kids’ dream to become cops in Brazil.

She the horrific situation in her country with all the crime and gangs and she decided to be a part of the solution and to serve her country and help to build a better future for everyone.

Her reason for fame is not these pictures of her in the uniform, She is famous because of her bold and glamorous pictures o the Instagram which turn people’s head.

She has a very difficult job and she has been part of several fights with the highly dangerous and armed gangs. So she not only looks a badass in the uniform, she is actually one.

As a Highway Patrol Officer, she has to go through the highly dangerous areas filled with all kind of crimes and it is her job to make sure nothing happens. So she puts her life on the line every time she goes to those areas.

She gave an interview to the Daily Mail and told them that even in the last week two of her colleagues have been shot in the streets of Rio. It can be extremely dangerous and you don’t know what trouble is waiting for you next.

She not only works hard, she knows how to play hard too. She is a total babe in the uniform or in the bikini. Her true fame is due to her Instagram photos that she took while she was on vacation and everyone is talking about them. She looks stunning. She is an inspiration for all the woman that you can do whatever you want and you can take care of your self and have fun every once in a while. She got coverage from a number of news outlets and her following on Instagram is growing rapidly. Since people found out about her she has created quite a presence on the social media and has nearly Eighty thousand followers.

She has great fitness regime and she works really hard to stay fit for her job and to stay fit for the bikini because what is life in Brazil without a bikini.

If she is off duty or she is on vacations she doesn’t forget what kind of place she is living in and what kinds of dangers can be waiting. she is always prepared and always have a gun on her to protect herself and her family.

She is enjoying her life and doing what she loves and following her dreams. She loves to protect innocent people and her country but she won’t mind getting famous on Instagram either. It is not her dream to be a model but it is great that she looks like one.