What It Means to Love a Girl Who Identifies as a ‘Super Single’

While relationships are an important part of your life, they are not something that can be forced upon you. The society gives us a set of rules about how we are supposed to be in relationships. People, especially women, are expected to behave a certain way in order to make sure that their relationship remains stable. Not only does this make the relationship seem like a chore, but it is also unfair to expect someone to change entirely when they’re in a relationship with you.

Owing to all the rules and regulations that follow dating, several women are now trying to stay away from dating. These ‘super single’ girls are difficult to get to know, but all the work is worth it. While they won’t let someone in on their life by accident, if they decide to give you a place in their life, you can rest assured knowing that you mean something. They may not love everyone, but the people who they do care about will receive all they have to offer.

A little effort at first, women who are used to be single turn out to be keepers in the long run. Here are a few signs to help you spot a ‘super single’ girl:

13. She loves her life

Women who are used to be single for long periods of time have had time to focus on themselves. They love how their life is and would not give anyone the power to come into it and ruin it.

The only way in which they will let you in on their life is if they feel that you can positively contribute to it. If you want to be a part of their life, you need to make sure you positively add to it, rather than cause unnecessary stress or drama.

12. She doesn’t need you

She might like you, but she definitely does not need you. Such women might be happy when in a relationship, but they will be just as happy walking away from something that isn’t fulfilling. Therefore, if you need a clingy or needy partner, these girls are not for you.

11. She likes alone time

After being single for so long, being alone is not something that she dislikes. In fact, after being on her own for so long, being alone is something she will crave from time to time. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if she wants to go out by herself every once in a while.

Giving each other space when you are in a relationship is healthy.

Time apart helps you appreciate the time you get to spend together, so she really might be on to something.

10. She’s independent

A woman who is used to being single is fiercely independent, and she likes it that way. She is used to fending for herself in this world and being on her own. She will want to spend her own money, move at her own pace and just generally live life on her own terms.

However, don’t make the mistake of taking her independence as a cue for her not needing you. Although she is independent, she wants someone who can bring out the best in her.

9. She was fine without you

Someone who has been single for a long stretch will be fine without you. She knows how life is both in and out of a relationship and is completely capable of handling both scenarios. She was fine without you before, and she will be fine if you leave. While this in no way means that she does not value what she has with you.

You need to show her that you love and cherish her or she might not see the point in being in a relationship just for the sake of it.

8. She believes in herself and others

She believes in not only her own, but also the capabilities of everyone around her. She has spent most of her life alone and this means that she has learnt to not crave approval from anyone else. While she might appreciate other people’s approval, she certainly does not require it.

She knows what she is capable of and self-motivation is never a problem.

7. She is more of a leader than a follower

Having spent most of her life fending for herself, she finds it easier to give orders rather than receive them. She is not used to looking towards other people for guidance. In fact, she can easily pave her own path to success. Strong, independent women run the world as it is!

6. She likes doing things her own way

It is not that she has a superiority complex or feels like she can do everything better than everyone else. She has just spent her entire life doing things a certain way and has grown accustomed to it. While she might value your opinion, don’t be offended if she continues to do things her own way.

The chances are that she has established an efficient system of how things need to be done and will continue to do things how she sees fit.

5. She empowers other women

Women who have been single for a while know the importance of girl power. Instead of being jealous and engaging in petty disputes, they seek to empower and encourage other women to be the best versions of themselves. She will try to push women towards greatness rather than tear them down.

4. She lives life on her own terms

Spending so much time alone has made her strong and independent. She does not appreciate orders, neither does she take orders from anyone. If you want to get close to her in any way, you need to realize that she will not tolerate anyone who tries to boss her around.

If you tell her what to wear or who to hang out with, the chances are that she will drop you and find someone who is willing to give her more independence.

3. She is never afraid to be loud

She has a strong personality and has learnt the importance of voicing her opinions. It doesn’t matter if it is the colour of the curtains or women right, she will say what she thinks is right and not what you want to hear. She has a strong personality that comes with a large plethora of opinions that she is not afraid to voice.

2. They are not fixated on the idea of marriage

While open to the idea of marriage, someone who is comfortable being alone will never push you into making a decision. She knows that there is more to a relationship than being married and will never marry just for the sake of it.

1. She knows how to take care of herself

She has spent a lot of time alone and has learnt how to cater to her every need. While she definitely appreciates your concern, she does not need you to pamper her.