15 Weird Pictures That Prove Public Transportation Is The Absolute Worst

Living in a big city is hard. Traffic is a nightmare and owning a car and paying insurance is harsh on the budget. Many people turn to public transportation in order to get around the traffic hazards and get where they need to go in an efficient, effective manner. The problem is, there are all sorts of people within the subway system. Some are normal, everyday folks like any of us. Others are, well, a bit out there. Perhaps even a little scary. Where do you see people like this? Only on the subway. And many of the people riding around them don’t even seem to notice the oddness of it all. Perhaps they’re used to it, but we’re disturbed enough by these images to consider getting a car and fighting traffic.

15. The creepier than creepy clown

There are many people who simply think clowns are creepy and in this case, they’re right. Not only is this an odd outfit, but where, exactly, is this rather creepy clown type thing going? Could they not have waited to change upon arrival just to avoid this situation? The face paint would be more fresh, too. What if the clown sweats it off on the way? At least the woman next to the creepy clown doesn’t seem disturbed. Unless she is texting the police for help at this very moment. We suppose this is something that doesn’t surprise regular subway riders. But it should! It’s certainly something you only see on public transportation, right? Because if it shows up in your car, then you’re in real trouble!

14. The planet of the apes escapee

If you’re on a movie set for a strange, sci-fi adventure, you might expect to see a creature like this riding around. But on public transportation? Not so much. Hopefully it’s winter so he’s not dying of heat in there. If he is indeed an extra on a movie set of some kind, is he stealing the costume for the night? Surely, they don’t let him off the set with this thing. Or maybe the makeup takes so long that he doesn’t want to get back out of it so he just endures for the duration of the filming. In that case, they need to get him a trailer because he’s shedding all over the subway car and causing allergy attacks for other passengers on board.

13. When death sits behind you

Unless it’s Halloween, this guy has no place on public transportation. Okay, even if it is Halloween, why are these we people not terrified? When death greets you, the last thing you want is for it to look like this. Your last moments would be on the subway and utterly terrifying. The people around him are just sitting there like this is an everyday occurrence. Well, if he rides the subway often looking for victims, perhaps it is. But they certainly shouldn’t want to ride with him, in that case. Thankfully, the seats are wide enough that he has room to sit alone without infringing on other people’s space too much. But if the lights go out and all they can see is those red, glowing eyes, watch out!

12. The Easter bunny uses mass transit, too

Your children may wonder what characters like the Easter bunny and Santa do in the off season. The answer is, ride the subway, of course. They’re just like everyday people every other day of the year, didn’t you know? They have regular jobs and regular lives. They work for a cause and they aren’t paid for it so they have to find budget-friendly ways to get around. What’s stranger than the large rabbit head on this person is the fact that the people around him seem unfazed by the half-man, half bunny creature sitting in their midst. Perhaps he bought their kindness with eggs or maybe this is his regular route. Apparently, as long as he keeps his fur to himself, they don’t care what he does.

11. Hamster crossing at the subway

When you’re driving in the city, it’s normal to see pedestrian crossing signs. There are all sorts of people walking all over the place at any given time of the day. In the country, you might see deer crossing signs or even something more odd like duck or moose crossing in certain parts of the country. But have you ever seen hamster crossing signs? Probably not. But perhaps there should be one placed in the subway. Because this little hamster has a right to cross just like anyone else and he’s so little, no one will even know they stepped on him. With the rumors about subway rats, other riders might actually attempt to step on the furry critter in order to save other passengers.

10. When time is short, bring breakfast

The subway is a fact of life for many individuals. They spend a lot of time going to and from work and other locations. It’s hard to waste so much time just sitting or standing around, so people have come up with a variety of things to do on the subway. Some bring books or read on their phones. Others listen to music or pick up a newspaper. Some even open their laptops and get some work done. And, of course, busy life in the city makes it hard to make time for real meals. So people often grab a snack and bring it along for the ride. But who brings a toaster? This is something you’ll only see on the subway, that’s for sure.

9. The cold hard truth out in the open

It might sound crazy, but when you live in a big city, sometimes it can be hard to meet people. You don’t want to do the bar scene and perhaps you spend too much time at work to even attend many events in bars or otherwise. It only makes sense to meet people where you are. And you’re likely on the subway much more than you would like. Instead of using trial and error practices, why not read about it? That’s a practical option. But you’ll only see someone reading about how to pick up a date on the subway while on the subway in a subway. Make sense? Not really and that’s exactly what we think of this guy. At least hide what you are doing for the regular riders. Put it in a magazine, dude.

8. In case of rain, she’s your gal

When riding a subway, you want to be prepared for anything. Make sure your device batteries are fully charged, for example, so you can send emails, look at social media, listen to music or read. You will also want to pack a snack in case the train gets delayed for some reason. And you will want to have a light jacket along in case you are chilly. These are the everyday thoughts of those who ride the subway. But there are unique individuals who have their own way of doing things, such as this woman. Only on the subway will you see someone riding along with an open umbrella for no particular reason. Has she been spat upon in the subway before, perhaps? Or is she just worried about the light bulbs?

7. Let us dance the ride away

They say that practice makes perfect and this couple agrees. However, they spend so much time on the subway getting to and from their classes, they can’t find the time to actually put that into effect. Plus, studio hours are expensive and they don’t have space in their small apartment to make it work. So why not use the subway for a dance floor? Those around can be their audience, whether they like it or not! On a normal day, you’ll see people who are bored and just trying to get from one place to another when riding the subway. On any other day, you’ll see something like this. Something you’ve never seen before and may never see again. It’s always an adventure.

6. The purse-sized puppy

When it comes to the subway, believe it or not, there are actually rules. You can’t, for example, bring a dog on the subway unless they are a service dog or unless they are in a carrier. This dog can’t pass for a service dog because, well, he’s not. And he’s rather large for a purse, unlike some other dogs. But a big tote bag will do! Hopefully this guy knows his dog well and the pooch will sit still for the duration of the ride. We would like to know if he will attempt to walk into the coffee shop this way or if he would be turned away. He seems to be getting away with it here. Something you see only on the subway…

5. Unique positioning for long rides

You have to admit, commutes can be boring. If you sit in the same seat every morning and every evening day after day, it can get old. If you happen to have a desk job where you sit all day, the last thing you want to do is sit all evening while you try to get home. That’s when people on the subway get creative. This guy may not have time for the gym, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get in a good stretch before he gets home. And he’s a multitasker, too. He seems to be checking his messages and listening to his favorite tunes as well. We have to wonder what happens to those around him when his feet come down. Until then, no one seems phased.

4. Meet my furry little friend

You just never know what you’re going to see on a subway, no matter how many times you’ve rode it. You know there are people out there with exotic pets and maybe you’ve even seen someone with a parrot on their shoulder. But have you ever seen someone with a bunny on their shoulder while riding the subway? What is going on in this guy’s life that he has to travel with a bunny in the first place? And how did he train the rabbit to ride in such a manner? He looks calm enough about it, like he does it everyday. Which brings up even more questions. You won’t see this on a plane or on a boat. Only on a subway where you never know what furry little friends will pop up.

3. Classic pet smuggling

Pets aren’t always allowed and they’re certainly frowned upon in some situations, but when you have a kitten along and you have to get somewhere, what do you do? You stuff it in your coat, of course! It’s warm in there and the ride is short enough that the kitty will be just fine. The problem is, this lady has such a clandestine look on her face that it looks like she’s doing something more wrong than she is. Did she just steal this cat from a pet store or something? Maybe she’s trying to mask a grimace as the little kitty digs its sharp claws into her soft parts. You never know what a person riding the subway will have inside their trench coat. And you usually don’t want to know…

2. Musical talents come alive

It’s always nice to run into someone friendly on the subway. Chatting with another person can pass the time. When you’re traveling with a baby or infant, it is even better to find someone entertaining. This man is making this young mother’s day, as well as her child’s. The child is entertained, which makes the mother happy. And the man gets to play his favorite tunes so he’s happy as well. The subway seems to be a place with disconnected people, but only on the subway do people also come together in this nature from time to time. No one stops on the street long enough to do something nice like this so it’s a real treat to ride the subway at times when you run into the right people.

1. Just a girl and her raven

If you have even a small fear of birds, this scene would really get to you. If you didn’t fear birds before, you probably will after this subway ride. Wow. Just wow. A gothic-dressed lady with a raven on her knee. It doesn’t get more subway-esque than that. There are some strange sights on the subway, many of which have explanations. But if we had to guess, we’d say this is who she is and that’s that. It might come off strange to, well, all of us, but she’s not apologizing for it. She’s just trying to get where she needs to go. Along with her pet raven. If that bird goes anywhere but her knee, mass chaos will ensue and no one in this car will ever ride again.