15 Ways I Used to Get a Girl to Fall in Love with Me

Almost 99% of men in this universe are living with this horrible misconception that girls are magnetically attracted towards them. They are under the illusion that as soon as they will step outside their home, girls will start chasing them. Well guys, sorry to burst your bubble, but girls are not so easy to catch. In fact, it takes an enormous amount of mental and physical energy to make a girl genuinely fall in love with you.


It is pivotal for all of us who are seeking love to fathom that the inception of love is attraction. And attraction is all about mind games. You are attracted when your brain cells make you feel and sense good about someone, leading to an arousal of positive sexual feelings towards them. Guys need to understand that making a girl attract towards them is the actual starting point.


Another item that girls keep on top of their list when falling for someone is how presentable they are. Girls repulse away from men who do not pay heed to their hygiene factor. It is important for guys to keep themselves physically in shape as well as look confident. Girls will naturally get attracted to you. Sounds easy, right?


Body signals are something that should be considered seriously by men. If a girl is smiling, making eye contact or is comfortable in your company, then there are auspicious chances for you to make her fall for yourself. These gestures carry and underlying indication of attraction.


It is inevitable that girls will consider someone as their prince charming who would try to impress them through the clichéd, cheesy pickup lines. Rather than getting her attracted, you would creep her out. Hence, guys should ponder seriously on how they are going to initiate conversations with a girl and utter things that will entice her.


This is something that guys should not take lightly. Only initiate physical contact with her if you are 101% sure that she is willing and receptive to your touch. Do not make her unsafe in your company implying that you are physically dominating. And if she averts from your touch, then put aside your ego and apologize. Otherwise, she is not going to grant you a second chance.


It is paramount for men to grasp this reality that girls never fantasize their partners as being couch potatoes. She will always find you charismatic only if are confident and goal oriented. This will hint her that you will be successful in your life one day. She will never fall in love will someone who is a lackluster.


Apart from being good looking, it is also necessary that she knows the good in you. Depict your inner traits to her as they are tantamount in importance when it comes to making her fall in love with you.

Love is not something that can be forced; it happens on its own, but if she sees that you are kind and honest and lovable then you will quietly win her heart.


These two things are the most valuable assets that a guy can possess and they mushroom your chances of winning her love. Girls simply adore guys who have a remarkable sense of humor and tend to have a playful nature. This highlights that you do not need to be a joker around her 24/7. It means just have a casual attitude and be less aggressive.


A guy’s genuine interest in a girl can be reflected by knowing teeny-tiny bits about her. Getting to know her favorite perfume or birthday isn’t enough. Learn about her phobias or the most embarrassing moment of her life. Make her feel that you understand her deep down and that you are not a shallow person at heart. Appreciating her hobbies and depicting your support in her attainment of life goals is a contributive tactic in finally winning her.


Who doesn’t know that girls just love romance! Take her to a cozy restaurant or a romantic dinner, or if she is more into adventures, then spend a day at an adventure park. She will definitely make some amazing memories with you there.


One major mistake that guys do that hampers their relationship form nourishing is that they hard sell themselves a lot. Girls find it objectionable when guys try to inundate them with information about themselves or try to dominate her over things or harass her into making decisions regarding their relationships.

For girls, it is important that she is given her personal space and proper time to evaluate if you are worthy enough to be in a relationship with you.


Your girl will have her own quirks so never conclude negative things about her. She is not one of your laptop models’ that you can pick or reject. If you want her to accept you, then don’t ever judger her or make her change as per your expectations. She has her own individual personality and you should respect it.


Desperation can never win love. Pick a girl about whom you are sure to have a strong relationship. Socialize around, meet different girls and then fall for someone with whom you can relate your values and longtime life goals. Stop trying too hard to make someone fall for you. Love happens in unexpected ways and you never know, when it might surprise you.


If a guy wants to make a girl as his love of life then it is necessary to treat her as your equal. Do not degrade her in any way or make her life decisions or aspirations appear insignificant.


She will never be with you if you do not portray your loyalty to her. If you cannot gain her trust and assure her of your loyalty, then forget her. Become her friend first, and then try to conquer her heart.

Keep in mind these wise tips and you will enjoy the ride of winning the girl you love. However, don’t be baffled by the unrealistic scenarios that are portrayed in novels and movies. Real life is far more different. In books, by the time you reach page three hundred and fifteen or so, the love story has reached to its ‘happily ever after’ part. But real life love story takes time; sometimes a lot of time.