12 Pictures Of People Who Are Clearly Having Their Worst Day Ever

We all have our bad days, but sometimes our misfortune hits us so hard that we have to witness the kind of situation that leaves a mark on our memory forever and not even in a good. Here Wonder Idea have 12 pictures of people who are having the worst day of their life. The circumstances are so terrible that at some point they are not even funny. You would feel lucky after looking at these pictures. Check them out.

1. Well, this person is surely haunted by some kind of bad luck because look at the other cars they are perfectly safe but the car of this person is drowning.

2. Just looking at her expressions we could tell that she is so annoyed and of course, no body would be in case of such situation.

3. Everybody is aware of the cost of Apple products. So we can conclude that how much the man using this laptop was hurt. He realized something is wrong when the pixels on the front screen were getting disturbed and when he found out the problem, it was too late.

4. What could possibly go wrong with your sports bike while you are doing a stunt? Maybe this!

5. This person just had his worst day ever.

6. You will definitely consider yourself as lucky after watching this picture.

7. This man got his head stuck into a trash bin and firefighters have to come all over to rescue him.

8. Well, playing the baseball isn’t easy. Players have to face this much of pain on daily basis but it doesn’t make it any less bearable.

9. Some people can’t have a moment of peace even after dying.

10. This woman sat on the freshly painted bench. Well, she is slightly luckier than people in rest of the pictures as she will atleast have her coat and bottoms maching.

11. Well, there is going to be a big hole in this guy’s pocket. Although we hope he is fine.

12. Oh, we can understand the pain in this picture.