This Is How Instagram Saved The Life Of An Anorexic Girl

We are living in a digital age and life without internet seems impossible. But at the same time, there are many critics of social media, especially Instagram gets very bad rap. People think that youngsters use it just to post their selfies but we know it is a lot more than posting selfies. And here we have got you a perfect story of Emelle Lewis to prove all the critics wrong. This real-life story of an anorexic girl will tell you that how Instagram saved her life.

Emelle is a 22-year-old girl from the UK. She looks very pretty and strong as well in her recent photos but she has a dark past. At the age of 15, she started suffering from anorexia, a serious eating order with an obsession with exercise.

She says that she felt very unattractive during her school. She even felt very inferior to her friends as all of them had boyfriends but she didn’t. And then she started dieting and exercising in order to get a toned and sexy body. But unfortunately, she did not get expected the result and then she decided to take herself to next level.

So, she began eating very less, her anorexic led her to an unhealthy routine of exercise. Gradually her family and friend started questioning her for her thin body and she just brushed off their concerns by saying that she is a vegan and this is the only reason for her thinness.

She told that she started following an extremely tough routine, she used to eat rice, cereal, and salad only. She didn’t even allow herself to sit until 4 pm every day.

At one point, the anorexic girl weighed only 70 pounds. She got very weak that she was hospitalized seven times, but she did continue her exercise even in that worst situation. She says “When I was ill, I didn’t believe there was anything really wrong with me, I genuinely believed I could maintain that weight and still live a fairly normal life. I didn’t want to get rid of my eating disorder.”

She even started following Instagrammers who had battled with eating disorders like her. This inspired her a lot. And one fine day she decided to transform herself. She says, “I remember lying in bed one day feeling like I was really dying and realizing I had achieved nothing in my life and this is not the way my story is meant to end,” she said.

“I made a promise to myself that I will fight and I will recover,” she wrote in an Instagram post. Consequently, she started doing weightlifting, as she saw other girls doing the same on Instagram. She gradually started eating more and working out accordingly.

The no more anorexic girl has recently achieved a milestone when she finally started her mom’s cooking. “Anorexia tricks you into believing some shocking lies, she even turns you against your own mother,” she wrote. “But really, the only thing you can’t trust is your eating disorder.”

She recently is documenting her story through Instagram. She is eating lots of healthy food and leading a happy life and her only motive is to now motivate others through her Instagram handle.