12 Normal Things You Must Not Dare To Do In Dubai

Different countries have different customs and traditions. Things that are appropriate in your country may not be seen as acceptable in other countries and in some cases can even be considered as illegal. Therefore, we must always bone up on the rules and laws of any place before deciding of visiting it.

Let’s talk about Dubai today. Dubai is one of the most sought after places, located in the Persian Gulf, and can very easily be termed as travelers’ favorite. However, certain things should not be done in Dubai and every future traveler must know them. Here’s the compilation of such things.

1. Don’t drink in public.

When it comes to boozing in public places in Dubai, you are supposed to follow and respect the rules; else you’ll be in trouble. However, foreign residents can consume alcohol at home if they have a license. Tourists can do it at licensed hotels, but can’t overdo it. And don’t ever think of drink and drive, else the consequences may be very severe.

2. Don’t do drugs.

Dubai has stringent rules towards drug possession, use, and selling of illegitimate and toxic substances. Therefore, say ‘NO TO DRUGS’ in Dubai. Some travellers have been kept behind the bars for carrying codeine-based painkillers in their kit.

3. No song and dance.

If you have a strong urge to dance on the streets of Dubai, keep your desires under control. Dubai has zero tolerance towards people playing loud music on the streets.

4. No PDA!

Well, people in Dubai are not so cool about PDA as they consider it to be indecent. Once, a British couple was kept behind the bars for having sex on the beach. Even the casual peck on the cheek is not entertained. To stay on a safe side, refrain from all sorts of PDA.

5. No nudity!

This rule not only applies to the girls who wish to go topless but even for men who want to flaunt their six packs; they must be properly dressed up, even on the jogging tracks.

6. Keep style sensible.

Don’t flash a lot of curves and skin; else you’ll be fined. However, Dubai has got all the latest fashion trends, but there have been some restrictions on women on wearing short and skimpy clothes.

7. Photography

Many travellers want to capture the pictures of people wearing their national attire. However, you need to be very respectful towards their customs and traditions. It is considered to be pushy and disrespectful, if you capture their pictures without their consent, especially of women.

8. Mind your tongue!

Avoid using abusive and vulgar language in Dubai. A tourist was charged for using a word f***. And don’t ever dare to speak anything against Islam. Keep your opinions and insights within yourself; freedom of speech is not a universal right!

9. Watch your wallet.

Though Dubai has got relatively low crime rates, some opportunistic crimes do take place here. It’s better to be alert than to be sorry.

10. Keep your LGBT lifestyle clandestine.

Many countries are becoming open to LGBT lifestyle; UAE is still not able to accept this culture. Any homosexual relations are considered crime in Dubai. Even the cross-dressing is considered illegal.

11. Don’t eat in public during Ramadan.

People regardless of their religion are not allowed to munch, slurp or puff away in streets during the holy month of Ramadan. Even chewing of gum is considered disrespectful. Do not even smoke or drink at public places. However, you can eat at the eateries and inside your home. Pregnant ladies and children are exempted from this rule.

12. Don’t use your left hand…

It is said that people in Dubai don’t use left hands to eat, open doors and shake hands as they consider it to be unclean (even if it is washed). Therefore, avoid using left hand in Dubai.