29 Insanely Interesting Yet Illogical Photos

These days we come across all kinds of crazy pictures on the internet. Due to social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter and picture editing software like Photoshop, you can literally expect anything. One crazy picture sets the benchmark of weirdness which is soon met by another even crazier picture challenging somebody else to come up with even more weird stuff and this upward spiral of craziness and weirdness keeps on going.

Listed below are 29 such pictures which obviously defy logic yet the level of interest they have created just cannot be neglected and they demand attention. So scroll down and enjoy peeps, you won’t be able to stop laughing:

1 Ever played baseball WITH your husband?

2 Holy crap my nudes are gonna be everywhere…

3 I wanted it to grow faster

4 Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for women

5 That’s one way to get them boys

6 If you don’t eat pizza like this, you’re doing it wrong

7 My words were too dark for everyone

8 My Instant 6 Packs

9 Always wanted to be a starfish

10 Who is who and what is what?

11 Its 11.30 pm. Just me and this guy in the compartment. I am scared AF!

12 Ever felt like a sandwich with extra mustard?

13 Equal treatment for the whole fam

14 To infinity and beyond

15 Been feeling like trash lately

16 My mind is in chaos right now

17 The feeling matters most

18 Helps me lift it up in the morning

19 Your chef for tonight

20 I am afraid if I ride it, I’ll eat it before I reach my destination

21 Next stop, The Swamp!

22 Pizza is love, pizza is life!

23 Welcome to the world Randy’s viper

24 This thing in the bus kept staring at me for 35 mins

25 It’s allowed here, right?

26 Out of bounds mate!

27 When you leave your kids alone at home for one day

28 “Unicorn cake”

29 The weather graphic is ready, boss!