12 Kate Upton Pictures That Will Make People Drool

When we hear the name “Kate Upton” we automatically think of the Zero Gravity Photoshoot! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, where have you been? Stop everything immediately and go youtube that! Since that beautiful piece of artwork, Kate Upton has been on numerous magazine covers! In 2013 the beautiful model was part of the first ever photoshoot in Antarctica, if you haven’t seen that either, google it now! The Sports Illustrated gorgeous model was featured half naked in snow surrounded by penguins.

If you still have no idea who Kate Upton is than allow me to introduce you to this gorgeous woman. The model was featured in the chick flick, The Other Woman in 2014, with stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (yes, the gorgeous King’s Slayer on Game Of Thrones), and was featured in the movie The Layover this year. The 25 year old blonde also received a lot of attention in 2015 when up to 50 “personal pictures” of hers were hacked and released.The model has risen to the top so fast and has definitely received a lot of attention for her natural beauty. Even though there are hundreds of pictures online of Ms. Upton, we tried our best to pick only 15 pictures that will definitely make you drool


The blonde bombshell was born as Katherine Elizabeth Upton in Michigan. Kate officially began her modelling career in 2010 and definitely rose to the top very quickly with her cleavage. Kim Kardashian still definitely has an award-winning derriere, but hands down, Upton as the best sweater puppets we’ve seen (notice in all the pictures how this is what they always focus on ;)) If you haven’t seen the movie, The Other Woman, and you’re not really into chick flicks, just watch the movie to see Upton running in slow motion on the beach in an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, white bikini.


We all know the famous show Lip Sync Battle! Stars from Channing Tatum dancing to Single Ladies, Jenna Tatum (Channing’s wife) dancing doing Magic Mike routine on him, to Kate Upton lip syncing Oops I did it again, has definitely entertained us! The famous show stemmed from the very popular Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and since 2015, the show has proven to be very captivating. Hosted by LL Cool J and the cheeky model Chrissy Teigen, the show has provided us with the funniest celebrities and the funniest acts! Upton was featured on the show earlier this year in April, lip syncing the very well known Spears Anthem, Oops I Did It Again, against the star Ricky Martin! We won’t tell you who won that one, check it out yourself 😉


While it wasn’t easy to find a fully clothed picture of the Swimsuit model (not a bad thing obviously), pictures like these definitely show that she can be a classy beauty as well! With a crazy big smile and flowing golden hair, Upton has melted hearts everywhere. In 2013, Vogue published: The Kate Upton Effect: America’s Favourite Bombshell bringing even more attention to the model. Upton definitely has attracted more attention with her curves, since we’re usually used to seeing stick models *cough* Kendall Jenner, Hadid Sisters *cough* the model wears her curves proudly! It’s definitely encouraging to see a woman promoting healthy body image, giving other curvy women the confidence to flaunt it.


Carl’s Junior is known for burgers, but also casting sexy actresses to eat burgers in a very sultry way. The list of seductive celebrities who have made the list includes, but is definitely not limited to: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Hayden Panettiere, Heidi Klum and of course in 2012, Kate Upton. We couldn’t have imagined eating a burger could look so sexy until Carl’s Junior started these series of ads! In 2015, CEO of Carl’s Junior, Andy Puzder, expressed that Kate Upton was better at the job than Kim K! If you notice in the ads, Kardashian is eating a salad, while Upton is loving that burger like nobody’s business! Puzder expressed that Kim K “wasn’t good at eating the burger” while the star’s representatives defended her saying that eating the salad was more aligned with her brand.


Models are tall, we all know that, and Kate Upton is no different, the model is 5’10 for God’s sake! However, unlike other models, Upton doesn’t have skinny, stick legs, she has toned, muscular, meaty legs, which is way more attractive for most men. The super smooth legs, the wet hair look and silver suit is definitely jaw dropping. The model has been nominated for 5 awards, including the most recent nomination in 2015, MTV movie award for Best Shirtless Performance in the movie, The Other Woman (we bet you’re going to run and find it on netflix right now.)


The playful girlfriend, the elegant beauty and the sweet girl you have a crush on are all ways to describe the beautiful model. The model was recently asked on the Jimmy Fallon show when was the first time she felt that “she made it”, she half jokingly said, “anyone living in Manhattan knows, when I got a unit with a washer and dryer inside the apartment,” ironic for someone whose great grandfather and brother are credited for inventing the modern washing machine in 1911, the “Upton Machine.” In any case, this definitely isn’t the raciest picture (or even close) the model has had, especially with phone hacking scandal that left her vulnerable with 50 nude photos of her all over the internet.


Nothing is sexier than a woman who can dress up on the red carpet, but also chill in front of the TV in sweatpants, a messy bun and no make up. As much as the gorgeous model can be sexy in a swimming suit, classy on the red carpet, and sultry in ads, she also looks like the girl who can throw a football around and isn’t afraid to get dirty (not that kind of dirty, get your head out of the gutter.) This picture proves that she can go from a super sexy woman, to a cutie ready to go grab burgers with you.


The model has seen it all, from floating in a teeny gold bikini in her zero gravity shoot, to filming topless in a Sports Illustrated issue in Antarctica where they couldn’t film for more than 1 minute at a time because of the cold. Upton has been the face of many companies, such as Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The actress has expressed before that she would have loved to be a popstar but she has a horrible voice, so she really enjoyed the lip sync battle. If you’ve watched youtube interviews of her than you know that she’s also a fun, sweet girl who’s enjoying her fame, check out her interview with Jimmy Fallon (she kicks his behind in flip cup!)


If you’re slowly falling in the love with this gorgeous gemini, sorry to break your heart but she’s already off the market! The beauty is already engaged to the very handsome baseball player Justin Verlander, from the Detroit Tigers, and showed off her gorgeous rock in May 2016 at the Met Gala. Earlier this year, the bride-to-be revealed on the Andy Cohen show that there is definitely no hanky panky before the game, and “if he plays too well, there is [none] after either! He’s exhausted!” she exclaims, “which is a buzz kill for me” she adds. One thing is for sure, the swimsuit model is definitely not shy to share!


These days, it’s hard to tell what’s natural beauty and who has been under the knife, but one thing we know about the model is that she’s all natural; in fact last year, she mocked the Kardashians in one of her snapchats! Kate snapped a photo of herself making a funny face, with the caption, “ I look like a Kardashian, nose job and all.” While there were some debates about her busty bosoms, and how natural they were, rumours were quickly shut down with every Sports Illustrated Cover. Other celebrities with natural twins include: Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Salma Hayek.


This very elegant picture proves that she can just do it all, be your next door neighbor, the pretty girl you bring home to mother, and the very classy girl with old school beauty. While there are still no concrete plans for the wedding, or none she is willing to completely share, we only know its hard to set a date and plan with her handsome fiancé being so busy. Recently, Upton shared that wedding planning is “super stressful.” The bride to be has shared that it will be a wedding of about 150 guests with her niece being the flower girl. The bombshell has shared that one of the problems she’ll be facing at the wedding is her floral arrangements, as her handsome fiancé is very allergic!


Golden Hair, golden bikini, golden skin, under the sun…yes please! The American beauty has been featured on several magazine covers, including some big names like, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. Upton has also been featured in 11 pictorials, including the very famous, Zero Gravity and Antarctica shoots. While the scenery changes from one magazine to the next, the gorgeous model has never disappointed with her undying beauty. Want to stay updated with all Kate Upton pictures? You can find her on Twitter and Instagram under @kateupton (thank us later).