Zayn Malik’s Dating History – A Complete List of Girlfriends

The bad boy from One Direction is not only known for his devilishly handsome looks but also his intimate hookups. As many of you already know, at just 21 years old, he was engaged to a member of the world’s hottest girl groups, Little Mix, before ditching her and his band for a life in the US.

There are however, many facts about Zayn and his love-life that you probably didn’t know. The hot heartthrob has had his fair share of hook-ups and relationships whilst growing up in the limelight. To find out which other lucky ladies have been linked to the brooding baddie, check out a timeline of Zayn Malik’s dating history below…

Ex: Cher Lloyd
Who is She? Singer

Dated In: 2010

Zayn was rumored to have been dating the British bombshell during their shared time on the popular UK talent show, The X Factor. I mean who blames them? They were both young, single and on the rise to stardom. Although there was no actual evidence, the two were claimed to have been kissing in the contestants’ house.

Ex: Geneva Lane
Who is She? Singer

Dated In: 2010

The lyrical legend was briefly linked to another X Factor beauty in 2010 (seems like a running theme right?). Their romance was short ended when Zayn had eyes for another pop-princess. Following their split, Geneva was left in the dumps and said that: “Zayn’s a heartbreaker. When I found out he was seeing Rebecca I felt numb. He told me he loved me and promised me the world.”

Ex: Rebecca Ferguson
Who is She? Singer

Dated In: 2011

The X Factor whirlwind continues with the ‘bad boy’ leaving one contestant for another. When these two hooked up, Zayn was just 18 and Rebecca was six years his elder leaving fans gob-smacked with such a huge age-gap. Surprisingly, or not, the two didn’t last long, stating that the age difference was in fact, “too much to handle”.

Ex: Stephanie Davis
Who is She? Soap Opera Star

Dated In: 2011

Zayn shared a short love affair with British actress, Stephanie for five months in 2011. They didn’t split on bad terms but just went their own ways knowing that they both weren’t ‘the one’ for each other. Seems quite mature for the former ‘One Directioner’.

Ex: Perrie Edwards
Who is She? Little Mix star

Dated In: 2012 – 2015

Zayn set his eyes on another X Factor contestant in 2012 and they soon became the ‘power couple’ of the nation. With both Perrie and Zayn excelling in their careers and love life, it seemed that the pair were truly unstoppable. They sent Directioners and Mixers (or shall we say Zerrie fans?) into a frenzy in 2013 when they announced their engagement and it seemed like the bad boy had been tamed. Sadly, this fairy-tale romance didn’t last and the two split in 2015.

Ex: Courtney Webb
Who is She? Waitress

Dated In: 2013

This ‘nobody’ took to Instagram to create some havoc in the hearthrob’s life, when she posted a shirtless photo of Zayn in bed, claiming that he’d cheated on his sweetheart Perrie, just four months before they got engaged. The power couple put the rumors to bed and remained united after the intense drama.

Ex: Neelam Gill
Who is She? Model

Dated In: 2015

The vocal singer was reportedly smitten with Burberry model, Naleem Gill, just weeks after dumping fiancé Perrie Edwards via text. It was said that Zayn had his eyes on the supermodel when they first met at a studio when the brooding baddie was still engaged to Perrie. Love didn’t last in paradise as the two split due to hectic work schedules.

Ex: Rita Ora
Who is She? Singer & Fifty Shades star

Dated In: 2015

Who hasn’t Rita Ora been romantically involved with? These two hotties were rumored to have been hooking up after being spotted together on a dinner date. It was never confirmed if they were an item or not, but what is clear, is that they both had the ‘hots’ for each other.

Ex: Carlyn Bryan
Who is She? PR Girl

Dated In: 2015

We have to hand it to Zayn, he’s not one to chase other celebrities; he has also been linked to normal ladies, like you and I (does that mean we stand a chance too?) This blonde bombshell released a photo of the two in an adorably close pose on Instagram, shortly after his split with Perrie. Naughty boy Zayn did not confirm or deny any allegations.

Ex: Wallis Day
Who is She? Actress

Dated In: 2015

Zayn was also linked to Perrie look-a-like, Wallis, shortly after his brutal breakup. The two were pictured leaving London Hotspot, Nobu in November 2015, but no further proof was released of a budding romance.

Ex: Selena Gomez
Who is She? Singer

Dated In: 2016

During the Jelena split, the Mind of Mine singer, Zayn was dragged into the mix when Justin accused Selena on Instagram of cheating with former the 1D singer. Zayn was quick to shut down the rumors by confirming that he and Selena were only ever friends and nothing more.

Girlfriend: Gigi Hadid
Who is She? Supermodel

Dated In: 2015 – 2018

Zayn’s girlfriends are chosen wisely. The Hollywood ‘it couple’ first laid eyes on each other in November 2015 when they were spotted leaving The Nice Guy together. The pair soon became the most admired couple in the game when they did a joint photoshoot for Vogue magazine and totally melted everyone’s hearts. It seemed like the bad-boy was truly smitten with the gorgeous model and had eyes for nobody else. But just when we were about to make them our “couple-goals”, the duo announced their split in March 2018…

Ex: Taylor Swift
Who is She? Singer

Dated In: 2017

Although he was dating Gigi at the time, rumors swirled that the ex-One Directioner had a fling with Taylor. The popular singers released a love duet titled I Don’t Want to Live Forever sending their fans into turmoil. They were quick to speculate if there was an underlying love for each other but both parties confirm that they “just admire each other’s talent”. At the time, it seemed like nothing would come between the special bond and love that Gigi and Zayn shared.

It’s clear that Zayn has a bit of a bad boy reputation, but he’s been desperate to find his ‘true love’. Which girlfriend do you think was best suited to the gorgeous pop star? Was Perrie the one he should have never let go or was he better suited to Gigi?