28 Boyfriends Hilariously Forced to Take Perfect Photos of Their Girlfriend

Girls have been forcing boys to do their bidding since the days of Adam. These demands have changed with the changing trends and times, however boys (always afraid of the mood swings and drama that comes along in case of saying no) have been saying yes to these demands and this of course hasn’t changed.

This is the age of Instagram, Facebook , and twitter where people like to have perfect pictures and show off. In accordance to this trend, women today coerce their men to take their photos in every nook and corner they can find.

It’s hilarious to see the things that they make their men do to take their photos. Check out this post to find that some of these “ perfect pictures “ can turn out to be seriously hilarious in the end.

1 So many skinny me tea sponsorships crammed into one photo!!!

2 Nobody cared who I was until I put on the skatesw

3 She’s only in it for his angles

4 Bend it like Beckham? More like bend it like this guy

5 Ready to lay down your life for the cause

6 You gotta risk it for the biscuit bro

7 Get likes, or die trying

8 eamwork makes the dreamwork

9 his blokes budgie smugglers working wonders for him in and out of the water

10 Down and dirty in the city of love

11 If you travel the world and don’t have someone there to take pics of it… did you even really travel?

12 3rd wheel level: 9000

13 Out here flexin on em

14 When you think it’s just a fart but it turns out to be a palm tree

15 Danger? Sorry mate never heard of him…

16 Don’t worry mate, theres plenty more fish in the sea

17 Yoncè?! That you?

18 When you need a tan, but gotta serve fools at 5…

19 No, I swear i love him for his killer personality and amazing taste in fashion


20 Danger? Never heard of her…

21 Goes to Thailand once…

22 When ya spidey senses tingly AF

23 So do you have any special talents?

24 When ya mate tricks ya into umbrella duty

25 Wow, so athletic…

26 what’s doing

27 Always take multiple shots when you’re in the zone

28 Coconut water on the ground… This ones a keeper