20 Pictures from Various Sports Guaranteed to Make You Go “WTF!”

When it comes to sports, it’s no child’s play, especially when you’re talking about the top leagues. Look at the NBA for example, you can be a high school and college prodigy, and yet you can be a bust in the league.

It requires hours of commitment, athleticism, training and tons of sacrifice.

And although at its best it looks like poetry in motion, there are still some moments where you just look at them and go “WTF is going on?“

What’s going on?

He’s trying his best to not be distracted. For sure we would’ve succumbed to temptation.

Not what it seems

Nope, it surely isn’t what it seems. They’re just fighting, albeit in an awkward angle though.

What did he just see?

That’s either one extremely lucky man or her boyfriend is going to turn his luck around.

What is this ref doing?

Dear ref, you aren’t allowed to spit on my private parts.


That seems so painful that we cannot look at it more than once.

First love

Clearly, both are amateurs in kissing.

Light at the end of tunnel

It seems like it has dawned upon him that something’s touching his head.

That’s my t-shirt

T-shirt exchanging is common in football games, it’s a sign of respect but this is the first instance we’ve seen where it’s happening during the game.

Man down, man down!

It looks like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie, the two athletes trying their best to escape zombies.

A seal!

Look mom, I am a seal now. And it’s even an Olympic sport!

What are you looking at?

No, they are not making love, the guy just got slapped hard, still, would make an amazing rom-com poster.

Must leave the planet

The mother-ship is waiting, must leave the planet now!

When you try to stop

That’s why they say, never ever come in between an angry couple.

“I like your hair”

This is taking “I like to have your hairstyle” to next level.

Anthony Davis

It seems Anthony Davis is taking the art of checking girls out to a whole new level.

Bad Doggo

The doggy presumably doesn’t understand that he’s being asked to leave the field.

She seems excited

Either she’s insanely excited or she’s dodging the two bikes.

We promise this isn’t photoshop

So which way is backward and which way is forward?

Bow down to the king

Robin Van Persie commanding respect and why not?

Be my piggyback

Paul Pierce trying his best to get a ride from LeBron.