16 Facts About Japan Will Leave You Surprised!

Everyone has a dream of seeing the whole world in his/her lifespan. This wish doesn’t come true in every case. The world is a big place to explore.There are millions of beautiful destinations, some hidden and some well explored. If it isn’t possible to visit, reading can help you feel like you have visited the place.The world has been divided as per the level of development at different places. A place has shown immense development even after going through a huge loss and traumatic situation. If you haven’t got it, we are talking about Japan. A country with the literacy rate of almost cent percent, unemployment of mere 4%, clean and heavenly land of grounded people. The facts about this country are commendable!

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear weapon attack the country suffered a huge loss. The effects were inherited by the next generation, but the country bounced back with a lot of vigor and positive zeal. And today we see the results the country is a leading example for all the countries.

Here we bring to you these 16 facts about Japan!

1. Age

As we believe, age is just a number, but Japan has proved that the number does matter. Amongst Japan’s population, 50,000 people are above the age of 100. Doesn’t the number sound good!

2. Island

People purchase an island for having fun and Japan is the owner of 68,000 islands.

3. Trains

The average delay of trains in Japan is of just 8 seconds. I hope we seek some inspiration from this country.

4. Pets

Pets love you unconditionally, without any expectation. Japan has more pets than children.

5. Diapers

Japan witnesses more sale of adult diapers than baby diapers.

6. Vending Machines

Japan has around 5 million vending machines.

7. Sleeping policy

If somebody sleeps during the working hours, it is accepted by the authorities. As it is considered that you are working really hard and fell asleep due to the strength used.

8. Adoption

The maximum number of adoptions in Japan is done by men.

9. Mountains and Volcanoes

70% of Japan’s area is constituted by mountains. Adding to that, there are 200 volcanoes as well.

10. Literacy

Japan has a literacy rate of around 100%. This justifies why the country has made so much of the progress. Surprised?

11. Earthquakes

The country witnesses round 500 earthquakes in a year.

12. Rice

Rice constitutes in every meal in the country.

13. Lifespan

The people of Japan live an average of four years more than the Americans.

14. Nobel Laureates

Japan has given 18 Nobel Prize winners to the world!

15. Employment

The country has an unemployment rate less than 4%. You can easily make out the employment rate.

16. Station

The stations in the country are so crowded that they have employed staff workers who shove passengers inside the train. This can leave anybody surprised!

Isn’t this country an amazing one? The facts must have left you surprised!