Meet Real-Life ‘Ken & Barbie’ Who Spent Around $500,000 on Plastic Surgeries To Have This Look!

These two are the self-proclaimed addicts to plastic surgery. They are so obsessed with it up to the point of losing both their love lives.

Model Pixie, 26, had 17 operations including the removal of six ribs, four boob jobs and lipo suction – all paid for by her savings and male fans.

Justin Jedlica, 35, has had more than 340 cosmetic procedures, includes five rhinoplasties and shoulder,back,bicep,cheek and bum implants.


Both of them are happy with their current lives but they can’t deny the fact that — Justin has divorced his husband of three years while Pixee is determined not to let a relationship stop her from getting more plastic surgeries.

She said: “For the time being, we’ve both given up on love. We’re commited to surgery, and won’t stop until we’ve achieved our dream look.

Both of them have become quite a celebrity. A lot of people recognized them while they we’re strolling in Las Vegas. Some fans also wanted to take a picture with them. But others looked at them with disgust saying that they had too much plastic surgery and it might affect their health also.

We all know that it doesn’t look as attractive as it seems but as long as they’re happy with it, then its all good. They love all the attention they get and they’re happy with their fans. Having a good physical appearance will boost our self confidence and maybe that’s one of the reasons they’re doing it.

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