11 Awesome Denim Tricks Everyone Who Wears Jeans Has To Know!

Denim jeans are a classic wardrobe staple for everyone, no matter your gender, style, size, or personality – everyone has at least one pair. Finding a perfect pair of jeans can be tough, but once it happens, it’s pretty magical. You have to find the pair that feels comfortable and not annoying, denim that stretches just the right amount but not too much, a versatile option that can be styled in lots of different ways, and of course, something that looks great with your body. Everyone has their own favorite pair. My personal fave? Paige denim jeans, which are pricey but comfortable and totally worth the money, in my opinion.

Anyway. Finding the perfect pair isn’t the point of this article. The point is that denim is a staple that will always be *in* but can still be kind of annoying. If you wear jeans a lot, like all the time, you need to check out the below denim tricks that will make your life a whole lot easier. From ideas on how to take care of your jeans so they last a lot longer to tips on how to style and wear them, there’s something here for everyone. Check out these denim tricks that will make jeans your new wardrobe staple (if they aren’t already).

1. How To Make Your Waistband Smaller

One common issue is that jeans fit our legs, but then gap at our waists. If you have that problem, don’t just grab a belt – using elastic and some sewing skills, you can make the waistband smaller to work for your size.

2. Save Your Jeans From Bleeding

When you buy dark shades of denims, on the first few washes, it generally bleeds. This results in fading of the colour over a period of time. To prevent bleeding of your denims, soak them in salt and water solution. This will set the colour dye in the jeans and prevent the fading of your jeans.

3. Make Your Legs Appear Longer In Denims

To make your legs appear longer in the jeans, simply cuff your jeans. This trick will make you look taller than your actual height. To add the glamour factor, tuck in your shirt and team up your jeans with a trendy high heel stilettos.

4. Combine Right Pair Of Footwear With Your Denims

Different variations of denim go well with different set of footwear. Combine your skinny jeans with long boots or open toe shoes. Similarly a straight cut jeans can teamed up ballerina flats to create a chic look or a pointy heel to a get formal edge. For your casual jeans, opt to go for ankle boots or pump shoes. Experiment different options from footwear to create the best possible looks to get the best out of your jeans.

5. Tucking Jeans In The Boots

Team up your jeans with stretch boots to give yourself a model like look. To tuck in the jeans in your boots, first fold your jeans up to the desired length. Make a extra vertical fold and wear your stocking over the jeans. This will hold your jeans in place and the finally wear your boots over it.

6. Shorten Your Jeans Without removing The Original Hem

You can easily shorten the length of your jeans without disturbing its original hem line. To this simply pin up your jeans to length you want to crop it up to. Sew a straight line under the original hem line with sewing machine. Remove the excess fabric by cutting it off underneath the new hem line. Fold the jeans back and iron it out to remove the creases.

7. Follow The Care Instructions

To make your last longer, always prefer to hand wash them over machine wash. This will not only prevent the jeans from fading but also will prevent from getting roughed edges. Soak your jeans in inside out in bucket of water in which a mild detergent has been added. Do not use harsh detergents on your denims as this rips the fabric over a period of time. Instead of drying them of in the dryers, simply hang them in straight line and let them air dry.

8. Squat Test Jeans Before You Purchase Them

Before buying a new pair of denims for yourself, how can you figure out if this will stretch or it will be saggy jeans? Well to check this, simply do squats for 60 seconds. If the jeans return back to its original form and shape then it’s good enough to invest on it.

9. Use Baby Powder To Remove Stains

To remove the tough grease stains from your jeans, simply sprinkle baby powder over the stain. Leave the powder on the stain for a day and dust off the powder next day and wash the stain. The powder will soak up the grease and your jeans will be free of the stains.

10. DIY Steps To Distress Your Denim

To create a distress look in your jeans, mark the areas you want distress with a chalk on your jeans. Insert a magazine or a newspaper inside the jeans on the areas you have marked to distress to protect the bottom layer of the jeans. Use a cutter to slit horizontal strips and pull the threads with help of safety pin. Remove the vertical threads with tweezers. With this technique you can revive your old jeans and give it a new ripped look.

11. Squeaky Clean Jeans

You don’t need to wash your jeans too often to remove the bad odours or the sweat smells. Get of the gross bacteria by simply placing your denims in a zip lock bag and freezing them overnight. Not only all the bad odours will be gone but also your jeans will be free of germs and look squeaky clean.