When You Think Your Job Sucks, Look at These People

I think we are on the same page when it comes to one thing- our jobs. We are not very happy about it and have a constant love affair with clock waiting for it to tick towards 5’O clock. However, it doesn’t love us as much as we love it. Hence, the time freezes and seems not to move at all.

However, there are certain jobs which are worst than ours. For those people, going to job daily is equal to entering hell with consent. Have a look people and took some pity.

1. This porta potties cleaner.

2. This guy who has given up one everything.

3. This poor guy who has to clean sewage.

4. Dang it! What sins this guy did to deserve this job?

5. I hope he gets the right wire.

6. Okaaaaaay.

7. What if he slips?

8. I wonder how much time it will take for them to remove it all.

9. What’s the job, exactly?

10. No laughing, people. No laughing.

11. My job certainly sounds like a dream one.

12. Deodorant testers do exist, people.

13. If he collides with someone, the world is going to explode.

14. Thank God that you are not him.

15. Yay to his job!

16. This multi-tasking guy.

17. Afraid of heights? Yes? Then, you don’t stand a chance.

18. Need a job?

19. Need an alternative to suit and tie, here’s the chance.

20. Smelling like fish is the dream.

21. Yikes!