These 15 Restrooms Fails Will Amaze You In An Unforgettable Manner

Well, who doesn’t loves to use a restroom with everything right with it? From lighting to accessories and from ambience to space. This doesn’t happen always as we travel to different and new places. No one can hold it for so long thus sometimes we just have to use weirdest of the restrooms as it saves our day in the stickiest of the situations.

You must have seen various restrooms with diversified designs but I bet you haven’t seen these weird and creative restrooms. These are some of the most insane restrooms ever made. Just scroll down and enter the world of the weirdest restroom fails.

1. The Most Sophisticated Restroom.

You are never going to sit on this but this must be very comfortable.

2. Someone Is Watching.

This will make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed at the same time but I must say they are creative.

3. Need Some Company? We will provide you.

This one is completely insane and hilarious. Are we supposed to even go to the loo at the same time? It even has one nob to use for both the toilets.

4. Touching It Is Mandatory.

You just can’t use this without keeping your hands right at the place where you always dreamt of.

5. Too Small To Fit.

How are we supposed to use this? I mean this is so tiny that even Tyrion Lannister will have a hard time using it.

6. You Will Need Stairs For That.

What was the designer thinking before implementing his plan? He must have provided stairs at least.

7. Aren’t We Just Supposed To Wash Hands?

This is completely different. I mean you just can’t wash your hands without looking at those hot sculptures.

8. This Will Make You Go Weak On Your Knees.

Attention Ladies! This one is for you. Who thought of that idea Man? Must be hilarious.

9. Too Scary To Use.

Well, i am not using it definitely. This is almost insane and scary as hell. What if the glass brakes?

10. Two In One, Saves Space.

Just try to use it and you will find it unbelievably difficult to pee. Is the Basin movable or what?

11. A Restroom In The Midst Of A Resturant?

This is almost too difficult to choose. Are we supposed to be blindfolded while using them?

12. The Transparent Loo.

Well well well, This is new. Just sit down and let the world watch you.

13. The Comfy Chair.

This one can be moved from places and comes with cushioning.

14. The Unusable Toilet.

Use it if you can.

15. Fold Your Legs To Sit.