She Held Her Husband’s Hand as He Died. Then Hours Later Their Daughter Saw a Heartbreaking Blessing

Marriages these day end after a few years. This couple from Fresno stayed married to each other for a staggering 67 years, until they died, truly fulfilling the vow ‘until death do us part’. Floyd Hartwig, 90 and his 89-year-old wife Violet were made for each other and they never got bored of their marriage. They longed for each other till the very end. Their story was narrated by their daughter, Donna, who could hardly hold back her emotions.

Background and the beginning of their love

The couple had known each other since elementary school. However, it was during the 1940s (around the time of WWII) when Floyd was home on a leave from Navy that he connected with Violet through Rainbow Ballroom.

Although he had to leave again, they kept in touch with each other through letters. The couple married on 16 August 1947. After which Floyd was also honourably discharged from Navy. This is where they began building their life together. Donna, their daughter, recalls how incredibly hard-working her parents were. They shared the workload and responsibilities.

Real life Allie and Noah
They are often rightly compared with ‘the Notebook’ not for one but many reasons. One of them being that during their time apart Floyd dedicatedly wrote letters to Violet, whom he lovingly called ‘Vi’. Their family has a collection of about 131 letters. On one occasion, Floyd even wrote to Violet five times a day!

One of their letters just before marriage mentioned these beautiful words,

“Hi honey, just a few lines from this lonely blue sailor of yours. Miss you darling and so in love with you. … Honey, I’ll sure be glad when I get out of this. It sure isn’t for me, though at one time I thought the Navy was pretty swell. That was before I fell in love with the sweetest girl in the world.”

Soon after their marriage, in December, Floyd wrote,

“Need your arms around me darling, hope it will be soon honey. All my love darling and take care of yourself. Love you, love you, and shall always love only you, honey, as long as I live. Your loving wife, forever.”

These words show how much love they carried for each other in their hearts.

Perfect ending

They even parted the world hand in hand and only hours apart. Just like the Notebook ending that wasn’t so believable up until Floyd and Violet.

Violet had suffered from health issues including Dementia, had suffered from strokes and was losing weight rapidly. Even though Floyd had his fair share of health issues including Bladder and Colon cancer, he was only worried about Violet’s treatment. Their daughter mentions, “He would tell the doctor, ‘I’m OK, I want Vi fixed.’ … He had a hard time getting up and down and was using his cane, and he was so short of breath he could just go about 10 feet, but his concern was helping her,”


A few weeks before their death they received a call informing that Floyd had lost his kidneys and had about two weeks to live. At this point, both Violet and Floyd were moved to a hospice. Acknowledging that they would want nothing more but to die beside each other, their beds were moved closer and their hands joined.


Floyd passed away first and the violet died only five hours later. As painful as it was for their daughter to narrate the whole incident, she says that this is how they would’ve wanted it to end. Finally, they got the perfect end to their epic love story.