The Thirteen Reasons That People Cheat on the People They Love

Q. Has somebody ever cheated on you?

To begin with, it is important to notify that cheating in any form is not at all acceptable. A loving relationship is the one in which the partners remain loyal to each other and do not hurt each other’s feelings. However, sadly a number of people cheat on their partners. They end up betraying their significant others and forgot about all the love and charm.

1. They Do Not Want To Settle Down Yet.

A number of times, people engage in acts of infidelity when they see that their relationships are getting too serious for their taste just to calm the situation. Several times people are afraid of commitment, and cheating can be a great escape route for them.

2. They Are Insecure About Their Personality.

They constantly need to be validated and it is not even necessary you should be its source. They are in constant need for approval hence whenever someone shows a semblance of interest in them they quickly seek it out.

3. They Are Not Happy With Their Life And Relationship.

Some people find disloyalties as an escape route from unhappiness and discontent they are facing in their lives. Many people can become sad and unhappy while still being in love with their partners and this can cause them to make bad and regretful decisions partners.

4. They Are No Longer In Love With You.

It is not guaranteed that if certain person loves you today will still love you tomorrow. It’s not always a sure thing. In addition, once that feeling of love vanishes, there are no limitations to the amount of pain that person can inflict on you.

5. They Are Firm Believers of Polygamy

Perhaps it is just the part of their personality or their natural character to be drawn to polygamous relationships. Even though it might seem like the person loves you very much, their animal instincts for polygamy can still take over them anytime.

6. They Are Not Getting Proper Attention From You.

Some people require a lot of attention to maintain their mental state. That is why whenever they feel neglected and ignored in a relationship; they are driven to any source of attention they find. You can expect them to cheat on you vivaciously in such a situation.

7. They Are Seeking For Different Sexual Thrills.

It does not matter whether your partner loves you and that you have a successful sex life or not. Sometimes, your partner may look for something different in bed that you may not be able to provide or you might not be comfortable with your partner. With the desire to pursue these sexual thrills, they engage in acts of adultery with third parties.

8. The Thrill of Courtship Is A Source Of Enjoyment For Them

Some people attracted towards the thrill of the chase. They enjoy it when they feel that they back in the stages of courtship. They love the feeling when they find out that someone is interested in them, and that level of emotional stimulation leads them to make poor decisions

9. They Use Cheating As An Excuse To End A Relationship.

Your partner might feel like ending a relationship even if they are madly in love with you. They will not be comfortable with breaking up with you directly and will use cheating as to excuse for finishing the relationship.

10. They Are Unsatisfied In Bed.

Maybe you are unable to satisfy them in bed and are not doing well. It’s one of the major factors that determine your partner’s loyalty. Dissatisfaction leads to cheating.

11. They Are Not Being Emotionally Satisfied.

Maybe you are being just too cold towards your partner and have not been giving him the attention and intimacy deserved by him or her. It is not surprising that a person starts seeking for other sources of affection in case of dissatisfaction.

12. They saw an opportunity to get excited.

Maybe your relationship was too perfect that nothing exciting was left in it anymore. Cheating is always an opportunity for getting that excitement even though a bad one. The emotional gravity of the act will not stop the thrill seekers from destroying their relationship.

13. They have a sex addiction.

Sex can be an addiction for some people. It is a legitimate disease, which needs to be psychologically assessed and treated properly. People with sex addiction due to their addiction to sexual intimacy can cheat on their partner without any fear.