22 All Time Embarrassing Outfits Every Girl Thought Looked Hot

People tend to wear what they desire and lame people make it a trend. Some of these turn out be very embarrassing outfits but still, girls do not learn from it. Every girl even though she looked hot while wearing these embarrassing outfits and we cannot resist laughing at them. Right from wearing tank tops to micro mini skirts and from bell bottoms to leggings under denim skirts, they did all. We have made a list of embarrassing outfits of all time that will definitely take you on a laughter ride.

1. Laced Up Pants.

2. Shirts Open From Bottom.

3. Full Cargo Jeans.

4. Extreme Wedged Sandals That Too In Black.

5. NewsBoy Hats.

6. Zebra Inspired Highlights.

7. Too Low Waist Jeans.

8. Super Uneven Weird Haircuts.

9. Denim Miniskirts.

10. Denim Miniskirts With Leggings.

11. Tie/Scarf As Belt.

12. Micro-Mini Skirts.

13. Extreme Bell Bottoms On Skinny People Never Looked Good.

14. Anything Like Abercrombie or Hollister Looked Disastrous.

15. Jeans with Dresses Looks Almost Abnormal.

16. Everything like Ed Hardy.

17. Studded/Gem-Filled Dates.

18. Small Vests Over Shirts.

19. Layered Tank Tops.

20. Gaucho Pants.

21. Chopsticks As Hair Accessories.

22. Super Small Purses.