10. Embarrassing Stories People Would Rather Hide from the Internet

Remember the peaceful times before social media took over our lives? Me neither.

The internet has robbed us of the little bit privacy we used to have, don’t you think? We all have that one picture which we’re afraid would go viral on the internet. And it isn’t even worth worrying about it, cause your bestie has already been showing it around for ages.

Well, I don’t know about your embarrassing picture, but here we have a compilation of the few most embarrassing stories on the internet. I’m sure the people in the pictures regret their existence right now. Because we all know, the internet Never forgets!

1. The tight dresses

When bridesmaids dresses were toooo uncomfortable…

2. Take a look…Grabbed opportunities

The look on the other chimp’s face says it all!

3. The irrevocable split

When you managed to do a split but do you get up now?!

4. The sore hole

Don’t really know what went wrong there…

5. The spill and fall

Embarrassing for one, funny for many!

6. Shitty cheerleading sessions

When you were too late to find a washroom. Uh oh.

7. The Karate Piss

When the dog tells you, what else it can do!

8. Caught in the moment

When you thought nobody was watching and you could get away with a little scratching.

9. Tough train ride

When the train ride turns too rough for you.

10. The doggy chase

When the dog doesn’t like the cat.