She’s Dated over a 100 Men: Here’s 22 Things on Her Ideal Male Checklist

Finding a partner is one of the hardest things because there are so many different types of people. This is why, as time goes on we tend to narrow down our interests more and more. Lingerie model, Jade Ainsworth, has dated 100 men and has come up with a 22 point checklist for the ideal guy. Keep reading to find out!

22. Snoring is a Big No-No

Even though snoring is not in control of the man, it is still pretty annoying to deal with every night! Sleep is important for beauty but also sanity so Ainsworth is only thinking ahead.

21. No Pensioners

This doesn’t mean she is crossing off guys who are older, but actually means to cross off men who have set income. She values money in an ideal guy so this comes to no surprise!

20. Wife/Girlfriends Are a Deal Breaker

This is quite reasonable because no girl likes to share no matter what the circumstances are. This is because it shows that the guys constantly gets bored and is not looking for a serious relationship.

19. No Underage Boys

This is also pretty sensible because Jade is not interested in dating someone who is not on her mental level. This will only make her struggle with having him settle down in life when she wants him to because he might not be ready.

18. Sense of Humor

Jade wants someone who can count making her laugh. This is very important in a life partner because everyone wants to come home to someone who can make them laugh and take life easy.

17. Short Guys Are A NO-NO

Jade is 5’7 so it is understandable why she would want someone who is taller than her. Even though, this might seem superficial it is understandable because it is important to be with someone you find attractive.

16. No Unemployed Men

This might seem like she is very superficial but it is actually showing that she doesn’t want to be with someone who is lazy and doesn’t have their life together. This is important because this can become a problem later in life.

15. Social Skills

Jade says she is very extroverted and it is very important for her to be with someone who is easy to talk to like she is. Specifically, she wants someone to keep up with her glamourous lifestyle and not get overwhelmed.

14. A Good Driver

Jade thinks it is very sexy when a guy can drive. Also, it is nice to know that she can just rely on her man to take her where she needs to go. It gives him a certain sense of control which is very hot.

13. No Dating Restrictions

This is a bit hypocritical of her since she has a whole checklist of traits she wants in a guy but doesn’t want any dating rules or restrictions. This just proves that Jade is not a compromiser so her guy better learn to settle.

12. Controlling Guys Are the Worst

Jade doesn’t want to be with someone who will dictate her every move and will give her the room she needs to grow. This shows that she wants to be the dominant one in the relationship and is looking for a submissive partner!

11. Someone Easygoing

As a lingerie model, Jade needs her boyfriend to have an open mind and not let little things get to him. She needs her own space to grow and wants him to be open to different environments.

10. Doesn’t Live With Parents

Obviously, no girl wants to live with a guy who is living with his mom and dad. This ruins the whole relationship and only creates more problems. Also, this is not a good sign of his financial situation.

9. No Baggage

Some type of problem that keeps weighing you down is a huge problem for Jade because she wants a very fast paced lifestyle.

8. Someone who Knows How To Drink

Jade makes it very obvious that she can enjoy a drink or two herself, this is why she thinks its important to find someone who also knows how to enjoy drinking.

7. No Smoking

No one likes a smoker, especially not Jade! Jade doesn’t like the smell but also knows it’s horrible health issues.

6. No Steroids

This is surprising since not many people say this but it makes sense because no one likes a guy who is hopped up on steroids. This says a lot about the guy so we know why Jade wouldn’t want this.

5. No Tattoos

Most girls like tattoos, but not Jade! This is actually going to be very challenging for Jade to find someone with no tattoos since they have become so common.

4. Low Need for Intimacy

This is very surprising and uncommon since she also doesn’t want a guy who is on steroids. However, to each their own! We just know that this will be hard to find.

3. No Negative Men

This makes sense because any negative person can make the people around them just as negative. Obviously, Jade will not want this because she has her whole career ahead of her.

2. No Psycho Ex

No one can blame her for not wanting to deal with a crazy psycho ex. In fact, maybe she has this on her list because of past experience.

1. Not a Cheap Guy

Jade lives a luxurious life and needs a guy who also can provide her with this type of lifestyle. She does not want to settle on money and makes it one of her requirements.