This 300-Pound Woman Shows of Her Incredible Flexibility as She Can Put Her Legs Behind Her Head and Becomes a Certified Yoga Instructor!

Jessamyn Stanley is not your average woman. She weighs 300 lbs. and is an internationally recognized yoga instructor and conducts workshops throughout the country. Every day, Jessamyn comes one step closer to shattering stereotypes associated with curvy women and body issues.

She is also breaking stereotypes in the yoga world proving that yoga isn’t just stick-figure men and women but people towards the heavier side of the scale can also own this particular form of mind and body meditation.

She has over 300,000 followers on her Instagram account which goes to prove that the message she is trying to put out in the world is applauded by people. It is high time that someone breaks this particular stereotype and Jessamyn Stanley has taken it on herself to shoulder this immense responsibility.

She has the strength and consistency to commit herself to yoga. She is also putting herself out there to spread her message and does not care about any backlash or criticism. In fact, she welcomes it because those are exactly the kind of people who tear others down. And Jessamyn Stanley is there to help women be confident and accepting of their bodies instead of trying to change for fear of what others say and think.

Jessamyn talks about her struggles and says that, “It is hard to be confident in yourself. Social media makes it look easy and sometimes even glamorous, but it’s not.

My struggle towards self-confidence and self-love is constantly evolving. In my experience, self-hate doesn’t miraculously go away.”

“And I don’t live in a world that wants me to love myself. But this work isn’t about a hashtag or a movement- it’s about survival. I must love myself in order to survive. That’s the goal. Everything else is just extra.”

A rising media star, Jessamyn has been featured by both international and national news outlets, including Good Morning America, New York, Shape, The Daily Mail, Glamour, The Sunday Times Style, People and the Huffington Post among others. She also won a 2016 Shortie Award for excellence in Social Media in the Healthy Living Category.

She is also not afraid to call out hypocrisy where she sees it, “I think fatties are only allowed in the mainstream if we’re veiled in athleticism and/or traditional beauty standards.

Usually this means we’ve gotta have Marilyn Monroe’s figure or a vaguely Kardashian face in order to be invited to the proverbial party. Without either of those characteristics, we must be capable of doing something considered “extraordinary”- and fat athleticism usually falls into that category.”

“Mostly I’m confused that the same people who would’ve happily bullied me in the past will now invite me to kick it merely because they’ve never met an athletic fat person. Especially since, beneath the athleticism, I’m still the fat person they love to hate.”

She has made a name of her own and travels across US between workshops, classes and shoots. She has also worked with Cosmopolitan, Codyapp team and has also been feature on Good Morning America as a yoga instructor.

She also has her own book by the title Every Body Yoga in which she talks about positive body image and self-love before and beyond anything else.

She received a tremendous response for her book with the TIME calling it, “Thirty-six million people practice yoga in the U.S., and Jessamyn Stanley knows they cannot all be size 2.”

She believes that, “Yoga has nothing to do with your body shape or your gender expression or your age. It’s about actually coming back to who you really are.”

She is a great example of what self-confidence and self-love should look like. It takes great courage to be brave and own your truth like this, but once you do that, you can have an impact on others and help them do the same.