5 Things The Happiest Couples Do Before Bed

Your bed should be an area for sleeping, lovemaking, and deep communique not for scrolling mindlessly via your social media. We stay in a hectic global and among work, children, bills and other each day stressors, many couples battle to discover time to attach. That’s why it’s so vital for couples to make the most of whatever alone time they’ve together whether it’s an hour or simply 10 mins. Here are some things the happiest couples do before bed.

1. They prioritize getting a good night sleep

” Although this isn’t very romantic, beyond the usual advice i.e. kiss goodnight, have sex, and say, ‘I love you’ getting a solid night’s sleep fosters good mental health, which in turn, makes people more emotionally available during the day.

If sleep is hard to come by, get professional advice to develop good sleep habits.” Michele Weiner-Davis, therapist, and author of Divorce Busting.

2. They keep their kids out of the bedroom

”Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for the two of you. Although nightmares and illnesses might trigger children to climb into bed with you, in general, if intimacy and connection is your goal,

encourage children to stay in their own rooms. Couples need privacy and boundaries to stay connected.” Weiner Davis

3. They go to bed at the same time

”Too many couples go to bed at different times, leading disconnected lives in the evening after already having spent all day apart. Happy couples, however, are intentional about coming back together at bedtime and reconnecting, if only for the few minutes of brushing teeth and getting under the covers.

Going to bed together builds connection and provides an opportunity for more intimate connecting.” Kurt Smith, a therapist who specializes in counseling for men

4. They unplug and put their gadgets away

”We live in a wired world, and more often than not, this takes away from the time couples could spend connecting through dialogue, affection or intimacy. What’s more is that when your partner is on their phone, you feel like they’re not in the room and are somewhere else instead.

In my therapy practice, couples who become aware of this intrusiveness sometimes create general rules such as ‘no phones past 9 p.m.’ or ‘no phones in the bed’ to counter such dopamine-inducing but oxytocin-suppressing social media habits. This can really set a couple up for feeling close throughout the entire next day.” Kari Carroll, couples therapist.

5. They exchange ”I love you”

”Despite all the hassles of the day, the quirks and annoyances you experience from one another and ominous feelings about the day ahead, make the effort to let your partner know they are loved.

And rather than just heave it out with your last sigh of the night, say it like you really