7 Things Men Find Annoying in Women

when the stakes are as high as a relationship, you can’t act on something as vague as a hunch. Here are a few signs that the person you’re dating is emotionally detached, so you should figure out where you two are headed before it’s too late.


An emotionally detached person is not essentially a bad person. In fact, more often than not they are great people. Before this general bout of detachment, they used to take part in random spontaneous acts of romance, sending you flowers to work and planning elaborate dates.

They might have never forgotten an important event, be it a birthday or an anniversary. However, the moment you tell them your emotional needs are not being met they recoil instead of trying to make an effort. While the physical part of a relationship might come easier to them than most people, the emotional part evades them.

You need to face the harsh facts. No matter how available someone is physical, it counts for nothing if you are on an emotionally superficial level with them. Being in a relationship means that you are deserving of quality time, affection and validation, things that an elaborate bouquet of flowers can’t really replace.


Arguing with an emotionally detached person can get frustrating. All your arguments with them are one-sided. You reason, argue, cajole, cry and beg but they remain unmoved by the obvious emotional distress that they are causing you. They proceed to shut you out, instead of doing something constructive and addressing your needs and complaints. Instead of talking things through, they will just shut down and wait for you to get over it, making you wonder if they even love you in the first place. Moreover, once the storm passes, no thanks to them, you will always be the one to initiate reconciliation.

They will never be found apologizing for their inconsiderate behavior, mainly because apologizing for it would mean they are expected to fix it.


You keep trying to make efforts towards fixing your emotionally detached partner, not realizing that they will never mend their ways because they’re convinced you are the problem, not them.

You try to initiate mending the relationship by trying to talk things through, but they start to shut down emotionally, not letting out anything of value. Things progress, and you want to seek professional help, but they refuse to set foot in a counselor’s office.

They might start overdoing the physical aspect of your relationship in an attempt to distract you from their emotional shortcomings, but you will have to face the harsh reality eventually. In a nutshell, your partner is emotionally crippled. Instead of dealing with conflict and emotions maturely, they attempt to run away from it indefinitely, leaving you alone to deal with the mess they helped create.


When dating, you should always be on the lookout for someone who acts like not only the relationship, but the entire world revolves around them. These individuals manipulate the rules of relationships to suit themselves, rather than take part in a mutually beneficial relationship.

If inconveniencing you means that they get what they want, they will not wait for a second to bare their fangs and never feel guilty about it.

This type of a person is emotionally unavailable in the essence that they focus too much on their own personal needs to ever be present to cater to yours.


An emotionally unavailable person will only be there for you when it conveniences them. Your requests for more time will be met with mundane excuses revolving around work.

Even after forging a seemingly intimate connection with you, they will find it very easy to disappear for long chunks of time. Their actions don’t match their words. While they might tell you they love you, their behavior will reflect otherwise.


If your partner resorts to flattery whenever they are in a tricky situation, you might want to proceed with caution. People who are quick to flatter or compliment you are often the one’s you should be most wary of.

They focus on giving short-term affection in an attempt to shy away from long-term commitments. They will fool you into thinking they are there for you by throwing nuggets of appreciation your way but their compliments are empty and will never stand the test of time.


Whenever your significant other displays inconsistent behavior, it raises all sorts of red flags for you. Saying one thing and then doing something that is completely different is nothing short of alarming. They might make huge promises one day, only to retract into his shell the next day. Not only is that confusing and overwhelming, but it also means that you will never be able to rely on them in times of need. While no relationship is perfect, no one deserves to be stranded like that.