7 savage traditions of the wedding night from third-world countries

There are so many different wedding traditions! The Scotsmen pour mud on their brides, some Indian ethnical groups require to get married with a tree first, and then with a man, in Korea they punch the groom with a fish. We decided to gather information on the matter and present you a list of weird rituals. The majority of them come from Africa.

1. Team play

A bride and a groom from Berber tribes never stay alone after the wedding. The wedding night is collective. Several couples come to the bedroom of the newly married. The experienced ones show what they need to do to the young couple and help them not to feel ashamed. This event can last up to 5 days.

2. I’m watching you

In Ruanda, Kenya and some other countries where people speak Swahili, the newly married aren’t left alone as well. To help understand all the complexity of sexual relations, bride’s elder cousin hides under the bed and gives advices during the process. And in the morning she tells everybody how it was.

3. Unexpected visit

In the Shona tribe the wedding night is a complete surprise to the groom. After the ceremony the wife can enter her husband’s house at any time accompanied by all her relatives. So the husband’s parents should take care of the guests, including to meet them with a joyful dance. This way the husband’s family proves that they are ready for any kind of unexpected situations. If everybody is satisfied, the wife can stay for the night.

4. Just in case

In the Banyankole tribe that lives in the north of Uganda, bride’s aunt plays an important role in the wedding. To make sure the groom has no problems with sexual vigor, aunt spends a night with him before the wedding. She also needs to be present on the wedding and during the real wedding night.

5. In bed with a stranger

In many African countries weddings are settled by parents, and bride and groom see each other for the first time on the ceremony. In Tanzania it is taken very seriously. The bride doesn’t take part in celebrations. While everybody is having a party, she must stay at home waiting for her husband. He comes at night and that’s how their married life starts.

6. Night of fun

Libyan Muslim weddings last at least 5 days. First three days the couple spends separately, each one at his or her home. On the 4th day the bride organizes a party and invites the groom and all his friends. Their goal is to make noise all the night long, play games, make jokes and suppositions about what will happen behind the closed doors. Jokes keep coming even when the couple is already behind those doors.

7. Shaved head

In the Nuer tribe of Sudan it is common to take the bride to the groom’s village and shave her head there, and only after that she is supposed to start a married life. The meaning of this ritual is not quite clear, but the fact is – a wife can not sleep with her husband if she has hair on her head.