This Woman Has Angry Bird Eyebrows That Cover Almost All Of Her Forehead

Fashion blogger Anzhelika Protodyakonova from Russia went viral because of her big brows.

Obviously, that’s not actual hair on her face.But it’s not known whether the young woman styles her brows daily with a shit load of makeup or if that’s a tattoo or something in between.

Her obsession with her big eyebrows started when she had a more subtle design. Apparently, someone took a cheeky picture of her while she was on the bus and the photo went viral on social media.

She was embarrassed at first as the photo got a lot of attention, but she soon saw an opportunity. She decided to embrace it and started making her eyebrows bigger and bigger.

According to local media, she now models her eyebrows on those of the characters in the hit computer game Angry Birds.

Now she’s built up a huge social media following thanks to her bold look, and she’s earns money by advertising on her social media accounts.