The Ten Things Women Do in Bed That Men Hate

Bedroom is where the magic happens between the couples and it feels like magic if there is a tendency to try out different things. This not only keeps things interesting in the intimate relationship but also both the parties look forward to it more. It is after all necessary to spice things in the bedroom to keep the spark burning and passion prevented from dwindling. However if she is only preferring one position time and time again things will naturally tend to get boring. It is understandable why women prefer missionary position the most: it ensures maximum eye contact during intimacy which is kind of sexy; it hides most of your body as he covers you so you would not feel insecure about your body and also it requires the least bit of effort from you as the guy has to do all the ‘work’.

The fact that you will be waking up next to the same person each morning and the prospect of only making love to a single partner is quite daunting. Add to it the similar routine day in day out and things will get from uninteresting to downright abhorring. It may get to the point where no more intimacy is present between both the lovers. So ladies it is important to be open to different positions and experiences to keep him interested.

Men are already very much conscious of how they perform in bed and add to it the additional pressure of controlling their orgasm will mean less pleasure for him. There will always be that nagging thought at the back of their head gnawing at their inside making the whole experience sour for him. Instead of enjoying the natural pleasures of intimacy he will be trying to last long enough so that he may perform as you tell them. Although it may sound a little bit of a turn on to tell him when to orgasm but it will be counterproductive despite the original intention. He will be anxious and nervous of not fulfilling your expectations and may end up feeling inadequate in bed. Also he may perceive it as a suggestion to get done with it already which may annoy him.

A little less talk and a little more action with no strings attached is what will keep things rolling in the comfortable manner. He will not be under pressure to perform and fulfill any expectations and prefer it that way and you can get your orgasm in round two or through oral sex.

This is not something related to the bedroom escapades but it is a major turn off for men which they naturally hate. Men are, and for that matter women also are visual creatures who appreciate beauty and cleanliness because it adds to your general attractiveness. Imagine he comes home tired and see you in the casual track suit with a big baggy hood over it are not going to endear you to him. Dressing up apart from going to parties and formal occasions or work is going to make you look more appealing and that is necessary to keep his attention. Otherwise he may lose interest in you in the long term naturally leading to less and less intimacy. By the way this also applies to the guys out there as it works both ways. Nobody likes a lazy partner who is lazy in life generally and in looks department particularly. Hey who said long term relationship does not involve work!

It is natural that women are generally more conscious about their appearance than men. However this does not mean to let your insecurities encroach into your bedroom. That will just dampen the whole intimacy thing: doing it with lights out and in complete darkness, under the covers so your body may not show, open to only missionary position and not looking for any new adventures in the bed. This means you are denying him the visual enjoyment which may be ok in the beginning but each and every time is taking things too far because it will definitely impact your intimate relations negatively. Learn to become confident of your body image and just accept the compliments he gives you and you will be doing fine.

If you are smelling like soap and all clean and glowy will make your partner happier to be with you instead of when you are giving off the pungent aroma of old socks. It really is a no brainer that physical hygiene does play an important part in either attracting or repelling your partner to you. Unless of course your partner does not care about hygiene at all and only want to get down to ‘business’. Intimate relations involve all types of contact between the two and if you think your sweat infused, unwashed, dirty and smelly person is going to be overlooked in the heat of the moment you have another thought coming. Also whenever you take a trip to the loo right before the intimacy session just make sure to wash off properly afterwards as it may be a major turn off otherwise.


Just be in a laid back position like a starfish and doing nothing of the work is quite a turn off because it seems you are not interested in being intimate. Or quite possibly that you are tired. Either way it is undesirable to appear as though you are indifferent to the whole experience and really put him off his high horse of passionate lovemaking.

Most men watch porn and are naturally felt aroused by it and most women know it. In their bid to appear open minded about the whole issue a woman may suggest her partner of watching porn together. A step to further feel uninhibited amongst themselves. Although a wonderful gesture on their person but the problem starts when they cannot keep up the façade in the face of his obvious fixation to the screen. The resulting reactions of her partner may put her off as he is constantly keeping an eye on the screen while making out. Nobody likes to play as the second best and treated like an option instead of priority. This will eventually make her feel sexually insecure and they may regret they ever suggested such a fiasco.

Do not suggest porn in the first place and if you are, then at least have the patience to play along. Besides he is not rejecting you as a person it is just an involuntary reaction born out of habit. There are lots of couples who do watch porn together to try out new things but it does not mean there is any less intimacy between you two.


If you are engaging in an intimate session in a not so private setting try to keep the volume down a notch. If you suddenly have the urge to start moaning and groaning at the top of your lungs and be in a shouting match you will only make your guy nervous and even embarrassed. He would not be aroused by your excessively screaming his name out, as you originally might have thought. Instead he might be planning on packing his bags and lying low for a few days until the ‘scandalous noises’ episode blows over.


Another important thing to note here is that if you are making excessive noises right when you are just starting to make out will make him feel you are exaggerating. He will be convinced you are going to fake your orgasm as well and may start to blame his own shortcomings in the lovemaking department.

As is shown in passionate lovemaking scenes a woman digs her nails into the back of her lover to encourage him more. Well such scenes should come with “don’t try this at home” warning because the only thing scratching his back will achieve is the pain and annoyance. It will in fact result in taking the focus out of the intimacy. The only real purpose it will fulfill is make you look a bit theatrical and artificial.

Intimate relations between the couple are based on mutual desire to please each other and finding the satisfaction in the process. If you feel like you are not getting what you want you could be more vocal about any changes you want. Instead of acting as though you are just playing along for their sake is not the right attitude especially in a long-term relationship. The other person may feel insulted to say the least.