Do You Know, How Queens Used To Seduce Kings In Ancient Times?

Nowadays strain and stress have extended so much that its impacts are obviously visible on one’s face and body. This is the major cause why in this quick & fast life, you begin to look 35 years old at 25 years of age. Be it a man or a woman growing older has spread its appendages on every last one of us.

In any case, you probably heard from your granny or elders at home saying that the queens of the medieval time were extremely adorable and had enchanting bodies. This was the reason that regardless of being old they used to look young and this further left their lords captivated.

All of you have to be considered how our gorgeous Queens mastered this art. All things considered, Vedic’s had the answer for every issue, and due to this reason, Queens had thick long hair.

Here we going to tell how Queens Used to Attract Kings in Ancient Times…

Kings were fascinated by Queens.

If we talk about the beauty of the Queens, it is a rumor that Rani Padmavati of Chittorgarh was so beautiful that’s why Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji had attacked Chittorgarh to get her.

What was the secret of their beauty?

It is presumed that the poised figure and mild complexion of Queens used to appeal the Kings. To take care of this, the Ranis used to take medicines given by Vaidya.

What were the prescriptions those Vaidya’s used to give? Take a look…

They used to take care of their body using these hacks.

Princesses and Queens used to take Raj Vaidya’s effective prescriptions to look youthful, even common people like you and me can also utilize these hacks in our everyday life.

Rose water bath.

The Queens used to pour rose petals in bath water, which helped in getting that natural glow on their skin. On every occasion the king touched a Queen, it felt smooth & soft. This made them so romantic.

Beer (Madeira) face pack.

According to a ”NDTV article”, in ancient times, the queens used to mix lemon juice, milk powder and egg white in Madeira (beer). This helped remove dead skin and roughness and made it soft and smooth.

Avocado mask

To remove the blemishes and marks from their face Ranis used avocado facemask. Other than this, avocado also helped them to make shape of their body.

Walnut to stop aging

You’ll be amazed to know that the Queens used to eat walnuts and carrots every day for their physical organs, particularly to make their body nourishing and curvy. According to world health website with this trick, no one could judge their age.

Long and thick locks

In ancient times, our Queens used honey and olive oil to make their hair Beautiful and luscious.

Rose perfume (Ittar)

To remove the roughness of the skin the Queens used rose perfumes. It also assures that they smelled heavenly all day long.

Bathing from donkey’s milk

At Ancient times, Queens used to bath in honey and olive oil mixed with donkey’s milk. The milk contains anti-aging properties which help to prevent the reducing beauty due to aging.