20 Stages All Guys Having Short Girlfriends Can Easily Relate To!

There’s a saying, that short girls make the world a better place because they are adorable, talented, humorous, smart, and lovable. All good things come in small packages. But there are some things convenient about having short girlfriends and some are inconvenienced. Well, those who can relate to this complication best are the guys having short girlfriends.

1. When short girlfriends aren’t able to reach up and get things, then painfully they have to call their boyfriends to do the job, making them feel like kids.

2. Well, when short girlfriends take a selfie with their boyfriends, expect the guys to be cropped out from the picture.

3. And if the guys happen to be in the mood to take a snap, well, you can expect short girlfriends to be right below the picture and of course, unrecognizable.

4. Guys who are tall, usually have to regularly face the shower stages, whereas, the short girlfriends get to shower from top to toe.

5. Sometimes short girlfriends borrow their guy’s sweater, it seems like as if they are wearing a dress. The other part is they have no intention to return it.

6. In many stages, guys have tripped over these ladders, which practically will be seen in front of all the wardrobes of all short girlfriends.

7. When visiting musical concerts, there are complete restrictions for the guys to stand in front of their short girlfriends.

8. But then it’s advisable for the tall guys to carry their short girlfriends on their back so that they get a complete view of the concert.

9. It’s an advantage for the guys at some stages to have some fun with their short girlfriends, but make sure not to prolong the fun, otherwise, things can turn painful for her.

10. It turns pretty difficult to drive her car because her seat is adjusted too close to the steering wheel, making it nearly impossible for the guys to steer.

11. There have been many stages while shopping when guys had to give their short girlfriends missing complain, as they just seem to disappear into the crowd.

12. These stages gradually come in a relationship when short girlfriends can be used as an armrest while watching your favorite shows.

13. Most of the time when guys come home they find their short girlfriends stuck on top of the door while cleaning and have to be brought down.

14. Whenever guys take their short girlfriends for a dance night out, they keep them in their toes right throughout the dance. How? It’s an easy guess.

15. However, for soccer players, there are stages very convenient to kiss their girlfriends because the same soccer comes in handy to uplift the girl for a kiss.

16. It’s pretty obvious, that whenever it is a sunny day or it rains, the guys have to hold the umbrellas for their girlfriends whether you like it or not.

17. In this relationship, there are plenty of stages where it becomes very difficult to hug your girlfriend. I hope you guys understand.

18. It’s very convenient for girls who are short to spoon themselves and get all the cuddles and their boyfriend’s body heat, along with plenty of love.

19. It’s also very convenient for guys to kiss their girlfriends from any angle they want. Now, isn’t that worth having?

20. Well the last of all stages, every tall guy needs a short girl because they are the best thing to ever happen in your life. And nothing can separate them.