The Cambodian Actress Gets Banned For One Year For Being Too Hot

Have you heard people getting banned from movies for being too sexy? Denny Kwan, 24, is banned for one year and she won’t be doing any movies and the reason she was told is that she is too sexy for this. The Cambodian actress has already appeared in numerous movies. She recently had a “re-education” session with the culture and fine arts ministry after it was decided she had violated a code of conduct. Denny said in protest, “I know it’s my right to dress how I want, but our culture, Cambodian people, cannot accept it”. Keep reading to know more about the story and if the country is going to lift the ban or not.

Here’s why the Cambodian actress got banned and was told that she can’t do movies for one year.

Denny Kwan, 24, is a Cambodian actress and has worked in several movies.

She was recently handed the ban as a punishment by the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry.

The actress has been banned from making movies for being ‘too sexy’.

The official ban is for one year and she will not be signing any movies for a whole year.

Denny knows that it’s her dress that Cambodian people don’t want to accept.

Denny has over 300,000 followers on Facebook.

This ban has caused outrage among freedom and women’s groups in the country.

The ministry has prevented the actress from getting work and has asked other employees to co-operate by not hiring her.

The culture minister said that Miss Kwan had been punished for not fulfilling the written promise she made.

She made a written promise to the ministry and agreed not to dress in a sexy way.

The ministry banned the actress in the entertainment field for one year. She can’t do movies, karaoke or singing performances.

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