50+ Times People Realised Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them

Recently we asked you to send us your pictures of your grandparents acting cool in their younger days, and you certainly didn’t disappoint us. Now we’re bringing you more examples of your grandparents being super smooth in their heyday. From grandmas chilling with Ernest Hemingway and modeling Volvos in the 1950s to grandfathers sledding through Antarctica, pulling off motorbike stunts, and even playing with their pet polar bears, this list, compiled by Wonder Idea, will make you wonder just what on earth you’re doing with your life.

#1 Grandma Sent Me A Picture Of My Grandpa At My Age To Make Me Feel Like Shit

#2 My Great Grandfather Gave Einstein Violin Lessons

#3 My Grandparents Wearing Each Other’s Clothes, 1943

#4 My Grandmother, 1940s

#5 Granny On The Wing Of My Dad’s Cropduster Plane. She Did This A Few Times That I Know Of

#6 My Grandmother. This Picture Was Next To Her Coffin At Her Funeral (Late 60s Or Early 70s)

#7 My Granny (Nicknamed Kidd) Wasn’t Allowed To Join The Air Force Because She Was A Woman. So She Taught Young Men To Fly In Stephenville, Texas During WW2 – 1940s

#8 My Grandmother Right After She Ran Away From Communistic Bulgaria To Germany (1978)

#9 My Grandfather The Day Before He Shipped Out With The Marines, 1941

#10 Photo Of My Grandfather Exiting His Plane After Getting Shot Down

#11 My Favorite Picture Of My Grandmother, 1942. She’s Strong, Raised Six Children On Her Own After Leaving An Alcoholic Husband. Worked 7 Days A Week As A Cook In A Gas Station From 3 Am – 5 Pm. I Would Stay Every Weekend With Her And Sleep On The Floor Of The Gas Station Back Then. She’s Amazing

#12 My Crazy Grandfather

#13 My Grandfather Was Into Cosplay Before It Was “The Thing To Do”

#14 My Very Cool Grandpa In The 1950s Holding A Fish, Smoking A Cigarette, With A Book Tucked Into His Pants And Cigarette Pack In His Sleeve

#15 My Grandma Smoking Her Cigarette On The Farm. Wearing Pants And Doing Whatever The Hell She Wanted, 1938

#16 I Recently Lost My Grandmother To Cancer. This Will Always Be One Of My Favorite Photo Of Her

#17 WW2 – My Badass Grandpa With A Car He Stole From Nazis

#18 My Great Grandfather Showing Off One Of The Horses He Trained For WW1 – Petawawa, ~1922

#19 My Grandmother With Then-Mercury 7 Astronauts John Glenn, Gus Grissom, And Alan Shepherd (September 14th, 1959)

#20 My Great-Great Grandfather, The Samurai Of A Small Coal Mining Town In Kyushu, Posing With My Grandmother And One Of Her Sisters ~1900

#21 My Great Grandmother, Working As A Welder During WW2

#22 My Grandfather Died Today. I Want To Tell You What A Fucking Badass He Was

#23 If I Could Only Be Half As Badass As My Grandfather This Memorial Day, Circa 1960

#24 My Grandma Recently Passed. My Grandpa Sent Me This Picture So I Could Know What Man Looks Like When He Is In Love. They Were Married 60+ Years

#25 My Great Grandpa Eddie. Omaha 1939

#26 My Grandma As An Air Traffic Controller. She Would Have Been 97 On 3/11

#27 My Finnish Grandfather Smoking A Cigarette And Holding A Wild Fox That He Befriended (Circa 1975)

#28 My Grandfather’s Badass Swandive, 1930

#29 My Grandma Modeling In Her Flight Attendant Uniform – 1972

#30 This Photo Always Puts A Smile On My Face. Our 86-Year-Old Grandmother Back In The Day

#31 My Great-Grandmother In Her New Car. She Was Most Likely The First Indian Woman In The Western US To Own A Car (April 7, 1916)

#32 Grandmother Died Last Week, She Was A Naval Nurse

#33 My Grandparents In 1960, On A Date. My Favorite Picture

#34 So Apparently My Grandpa Was A Badass

#35 My Grandmother Demonstrating The Three-Point Belt As A Model For Volvo In 1959

#36 My Grandpa’s FBI Academy Photo. He Worked As A Spy Recruiter During The Cold War

#37 My Grandmother On Her Harley In 1926

#38 My Grandmother Turned 98 This Week. This Is Her In Her Full Nursing Uniform During WW2

#39 The Last Photo In My Grandparents Wedding Album (1954)

#40 My Grandfather Defusing A Bomb On Martin Luther King’s Porch. He Was Buried Three Years Ago On MLK Day

#41 Ernest Hemingway And My Grandma Having A Chat In Havana, Cuba 1952

#42 My Stud Grandfather Circa WW2. He Watched Pearl Harbor Happen In Hawaii, Joined Up And Fought On A Gunboat At Iwo Jima That Was Hit By Enemy Fire. He Surfed With Legends In Honolulu. He Was A Barber For 60 Years

#43 My Friend’s Grandparents, California, 1940s

#44 My Grandfather On A Motorcycle He Stole From A Nazi, Weeks After American Troops Liberated Him From A Concentration Camp In Landsberg, Germany (May 1945). He Had Spent 4 Years In Concentration Camps Around Poland And Germany

#45 My Grandmother Looked Like Arya Stark In 1936

#46 My Grandmother With Sultan, Her Favorite Lion From Her Troop, In Front Of Her Plane She Flew Just After WW2 (1947)

#47 My Grandfather After Winning 1st Place In The County Beard Contest. The Hat Was His Prize. Circa 1954

#48 My Grandma (Top) Was A Badass In Ww2 (1940s)

#49 Don’t Mess With My Great Grandmother Emma Hagen, Woman Homesteader In North Dakota, 1910s

#50 I Would Always Call My Grandmother On Mother’s Day, And Have Missed That Call For A Few Years Now. Thought I Would Share This In Her Honor

#51 My Grandmother (Left) Kissing Louis Armstrong 1954/55

#52 A Photo Of Herself That My Grandmother Sent To My Grandfather When He Was Away At War, 1943

#53 My Grandmother Singing Backup For Frank Sinatra, 1949

#54 My Grandfather In 1958 With His Fresh New Haircut And 5 Pet Flying Squirrels

#55 One Of The Only Photographs Of My Grandmother. I Only Wish I Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Her

#56 Apparently My Grandpa Was A Badass – He Dove Under Submarines In The North Atlantic Carrying Heavy Welding Equipment

#57 My Great Grandfather, Clearly Quite Impressed With Himself, Had Just Built His Perkins County, South Dakota Homestead When This Photo Was Taken In 1909

#58 Constance, My Great Grandmother, Living It Up In Brooklyn – 1920s

#59 Found This Magazine Clipping Of My Grandmother. She Used To Model And No One Ever Knew This About Her

#60 My Grandparents Travelled The World In 1961. They Did It Again 35 Years Later And Wrote A Book About It. They Inspire Me

#61 My Badass Grandpa

#62 My Great-Grandfather Albert. He Was Shot, Stabbed, Gassed, And On This Day In 1917, Was The Only Man To Return From A Trench Raiding Party

#63 My Nana, My Best Friend, Passed Away Last Week At The Age Of 77. Here She Is At 18 During Her Modeling Days

#64 Just My Grandfather As A 19-Year-Old DJ In Tripoli, 1948

#65 Found A Bunch Of My Grandfather’s Bodybuilding Photos! He’s Going To Be 98 This Year And Still Rides His Exercise Bike Daily

#66 My 4-Greats Grandpa Was Handsome And Dangerous (Circa 1860)

#67 My Grandfather Died Last Week, We Found A Photo Of Him From His Younger Days. Classy As Fuck

#68 I Found A Picture Of My Grandparents Back In The ’30s Looking Awesome

#69 My Grandparents Traveling For National Geographic

#70 My Grandfather Surveying In Alaska 1950. He Was A Cartographer For The USGS

#71 My Grandparents Taking A Mirror Selfie In The Mid 1960s On Their Super8 Camera

#72 Realizing I’ll Never Be As Cool As My Grandparents (1949)

#73 My Grandpa With His Sled Dogs In Antarctica 1953(Ish)

#74 My Grandparents In The 1950s With One Of Their Motorcycles

#75 My Grandfather (Left) And A Friend Of His In Front Of The Central Station In Hamburg, Germany. He Was A Chimney Sweeper. This Picture Was Taken In 1948

#76 The World Needs To See This Picture Of My Grandfather Waterskiing

#77 My Grandpa And Grandma Circa 1950

#78 Since You Guys Liked Him, Here Is My Grandfather Again, Mapping The Continental Divide. Colorado, 1953

#79 So Proud Of My Grandfather – WW2 Vet With Class

#80 My Grandma Posing With Her Corgis (1970s)

#81 I Found Out That My Grandfather Was In Circus (Second Man On The Left). He Was Wilhelm Metz, The Most Flexible Man In The Europe. I Can’t Even Touch My Toes With The Tip Of My Fingers, So It Does Not Seem To Run In The Family

#82 My Grandparents Circa 1950s. They Never Had Much Money And Would Throw Parties Making Fun Of Rich People

#83 My Grandmother, About 13-Years-Old, Playing Evil Queen In School Play, Just Before The Outbreak Of WW2

#84 My (Now) 94-Year-Old Grandma Smoking A Cigarette In The 1940s

#85 Grandma Was A Gangster

#86 My Grandpa (Far Left) With Some Babes On Babes, 1940s

#87 My Great-Grandparents. Original Gangsters In Uniontown, Washington

#88 My Great Aunt Posing, While My Grandpa Fixes His Car, 1940s

#89 My Grandfather Lived In Greenland And Had A Pet Polar Bear Which Is Kind Of Badass

#90 This Photo Is Of My Badass Grandpa Sending It Down Grouse Mt Back In 1938. On Skis He Made Himself

#91 Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present You You My Grandmother

#92 My Grandfather, The Magician (1940s)

#93 My Grandfather And His WW2 Hand Welded Motorcyle Navy Seabees

#94 My Dad Doing A Handstand On My Granddad’s Arm

#95 My Grandmother Passed Away This Week And We Were Going Through Old Photos After The Funeral And Found This Little Gem Of Her And My Grandpa

#96 My Grandpa At The Age Of 17 In 1947

#97 My Great-Grandmother And Her Sister Going For The Creepy Twin Look

#98 My Wonderful Grandparents In A Photo Booth In 1952

#99 My Grandma In 1973 When She Was 40

#100 My Granddad Took A Selfie In 1924

#101 My Grandfather Circa 1950. Super Suave

#102 My Grandma Looking Stylish Atop Her Ride, 1950s

#103 My Grandma On Her Horse

#104 My Grandpa On His 1957 Triumph Trophy. He Still Has It Today (Early 60s)

#105 My Korean Grandparents At Their Traditional Wedding, 1950’s

#106 My Grandfather Passed Away Yesterday. We Found This Today

#107 My Grandpa And Grandma Circa 1949, Captured After A Movie In Fort Worth. They’re 88 And 91 This Year And Still Fantastic

#108 My Grandma At A 1920’s Party

#109 Grandpa At The Lake House (1962)

#110 My Nana, Florence Recher – Left Home At 14 To Dance – Ended Up On Stage With Sally Rand In The 30s. This Was Taken Around 1928 Or So.

#111 My Grandfather’s Best Friends In High School Were Troublemakers, Not That This Picture Would Imply It (1939)

#112 What My Grandfather Drove Back In The Day

#113 My Grandma Circa 1938. Grandpa Carried This Picture In His Field Book During WW2

#114 My Granddad & Darth Vader

#115 I’d Like To Share My Late (Badass) Grandpa. Taken In Ellensburg, Washington, On His Family’s Settlement. Love You Gramps, Miss You So Much. Circa 1950’s I Believe

#116 My Grandpa, Rolling Hard Through Germany Near The End Of WW2

#117 My Grandma Being A Badass In The Early 40s. She Will Be 95 Next Month

#118 My Gorgeous Granny Back In 1963, Right When Bikinis Started To Be Acceptable

#119 My Grandmother In 1927

#120 My Grandfather Casually Looking On As Nuclear Weapon Detonates In The Distance

#121 My Best Friend’s Grandparents Dressed Up For A Costume Party On A Cruise Ship In 1954

#122 My Grandpa Could Drink You Under The Table, Then Kick The Shit Out Of You

#123 Great Grandfather Looking Dope In His 20’s (1910s)

#124 My Grandpa On His Harley Ca. 1955. Grandma Made Him Sell It After My Dad Was Born.

#125 My Grandma Killing The Plaid Game (1942)

#126 With Her “Soulmate” (Not My Grandfather!) In San Diego

#127 Miss Magnolia, My Grandma. She Was A Beauty Queen In The 30s And 40s And Was Miss Magnolia And Runner-Up Miss Arkansas (I Think In 1939 But I’m Not Sure). Sadly, I Never Got To Meet Her But Have Heard Great Stories Over The Years

#128 My Grandfather Lighting A Cigarette From A Street Lamp. What A Dude

#129 For Mother’s Day I Present My Badass Grandma

#130 My Grandpa Jack In 1945 On The Uss Essex.

#131 My Grandpa In 1970

#132 My Grandpa Would’ve Been 95-Years-Old Yesterday. Here He Is In The 1940s Looking Like A Boss

#133 My Grandparents In The 40s

#134 Badass Grandad. This Is Him Breaking In And Standing On The Roof Of Belfast City Hall To Raise Money For Charity During Rag Week In Med School

#135 My Granddad Just Showed Me His First Selfie

#136 My Grandfather & His Friend, Circa 1942

#137 My Grandfather Was A WW2 Pilot, This Is My Grandmother Posing On The Wing Of A Plane

#138 My Grandfather In Venice In The Early 50’s

#139 My Great Grandfather, Posing With His Bicycle In 1894

#140 My Grandmom On Atlantic City Boardwalk In The 40s

#141 My Grandfather Outside His Butcher Shop In Downtown St. Louis In The 1940s. I Miss Him

#142 My Great Great Grandfather Looks Like A 2016 Hipster (1920s)

#143 Awesome Picture Of My Grandfather Who Was A Golden Gloves Champion Boxer (Circa 1936, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

#144 My Grandmother In WW2. Northern Winter 1944/45

#145 My Grandmother In The Late 1950s – Early 1960s. This Was Around The Time She Went On A Date With George Carlin While He Was A DJ Out Of Shreveport

#146 Found Out My Grandma Was On The Cover Of A Bowling Magazine

#147 My Grandmother, Wearing Her Adventure Pants

#148 My Grandpa On Base In Korea During The Korean War

#149 Grandma And Grandpa During Their Day

#150 My Grandfather In His Navy Days, 1940s

#151 Grandfather Circa 1940. You Can Smell The Testosterone

#152 My Grandfather And Grandmother George And Jennifer Stricker

#153 My Grandfather Was The Coolest Guy I’ve Ever Known. This Is Him After Winning A Boxing Match For The National Guard During WW2

#154 My Grandmother Would Have Been 94 Today And She Was Badass

#155 My Grandpa As Drummer In A 4-Man Band

#156 My Grandmother And Grandfather On Their Wedding Day, 1956. They Originally Met When She Was 13 And He Was 16

#157 My Grandmother Sometime In The Early 50’s. I’ve Heard She Was A Hell Of A Shot

#158 Taught My 96-Year-Old Grandfather The Word “Selfie” Today After He Showed Me A Picture Of Himself From 1947. You’re Awesome, Grampy

#159 Grandma Posing On The Car

#160 How Cool Is My Grandfather George

#161 My Grandma On A Fake Bucking Bronco