18 Celebrities Whose Bodyguards Are More Handsome Than Them

Almost every person who is famous needs someone protecting them while they are on the street among their fans. You will never see a celebrity without his/her bodyguard in a public place. They are there to make celebrities do not become a part of something unfortunate and they succeed most of the times.

We have here assembled a list of bodyguards who are more handsome than the celebrities they are working for!
1. Heidi Klum And Her Dazzling Bodyguard

2. Kristen Stewart And That Protector Of Hers Is Better Than Anyone She Ever dated

3. Tim C Is The Official Man Of The Kardashian-Jenner Clan And Well Rumors Are Also There.

4. Beautiful Jennifer Lawrence Has Got A More Handsome Bodyguard

5. Selena Gomez And Her Love For her Bodyguard.


6. Britney Spears Has Hired Some Muscles! Great Body!

7. Daniel Radcliffe Got A Saviour Who Is Undoubtedly Handsome Than Him And Taller Too!

8. Lady Gaga Must Be Lucky To Have Drafted Such Bodyguards To Her Team

9. This Latino Bodyguard Of Angelina Jolie is Hotter Than Anyone Ever Would Be

10. Look At The Hand Of That Defender Of Amber Rose!

11. We Guess Karl Lagerfeld Hired A model As He Is More Handsome

12. Katy Perry Has Got An Alpha Male As A Protector!

13. This Queen Has Got A Handsome King To Protect Her.

14. Zac Efron’s Bodyguard Is Pure Gem!

15. Adle And That Blue-Eyed Defender Of Hers.

16. Taylor Swift’s Bodyguard Is So handsome, Swift Wouldn’t Need A Man To Date.

17. Justin Beiber Would Want A Body Like That!

18. Katie Holmes Got A Bodyguard More Handsome Than Anyone.