Worst Things Women Do At The Gynecologist’s

Women are known for investing themselves in maintaining the flawless look, or at least the image of the flawless look. The regularly visit the hair salons, get their facials done, manny and peddy.

But their overall look also includes care of the private area. For those who didn’t not, that area is extremely susceptive to skin and yeast infections – gross, I know.

The easiest, and best, way to take care of that is to schedule regular appointments at the gynecologist’s office.

But some women like visiting the doctor, but they don’t like taking care of themselves. That’s exactly why we have a list of thing gross things women tend to do – or not, depending on the case.

The doctor is not about spreading

Going to the gynecologist’s is not about lifting your legs and spreading them. You need to take care of your hygiene before you go in for a visit. Just because he’s a doctor, it doesn’t mean he has to put up with the lack of your hygiene.

worst things women do at the gynecologists hygiene

Taking their partner along

Some women may have had difficult lives, and having their partner in gives them a sense of security. However, your gynecologist will always be accompanied by a female nurse during your checkup.

worst things women do at the gynecologists partner

From a more generalized perspective, no doctor would want to talk about VDs and STDs with a relative by your side.

Never consult search engines

It does sound hard to believe, but there are many women who regularly consult Google about their condition. Then they come with an existing diagnose to the gynecologist. They always say: “But that’s what it said on Google”, or “I know it’s cancer”.

worst things women do at the gynecologists browsing

Google is full of information, but 90% of the time it’s well-misused information. Visiting your doctor is definitely the best way to see what’s wrong with you.

Uncomfortable around a male doctor

Women usually think that if they’re assigned to a male gynecologist, they have to see him. However, asking for a female doctor is perfectly reasonable. And that won’t even bother your doctor. After all, you’re entitled to it.

worst things women do at the gynecologists new doctor

Not enough information on your simptoms

You gynecologist is not a fortune teller. He or she needs to know as much as they can about your symptoms. You need to tell your doctor whatever crosses your mind, not only the things you seem fit to share. The more they know, the better help they can provide.

worst things women do at the gynecologists information

Ending birthcontrol cycle on your own

You should never, ever stop taking the pill on your own. Always consult your doctor. Stopping it on your own can result in lack of intimacy, imbalance of hormones, and what not… It can get much worse than that, too.

worst things women do at the gynecologists pills

The non-disclosure agreement

All medical professionals are required by law to keep all patient records and information private. No one wants to lose their medical license. Anyone can tell you that, and if you hear someone leaking information, then you need to report them and change the doctor. It’s as simple as that.

worst things women do at the gynecologists non disclosure