Young Chinese Blogger Arrested & Fined For Offering “Free S3x” Online

A Chinese blogger was arrested after offering free s3x and posting her room number on social media that brought chaos in a hotel.

Known by her username Qianjin Yeye, she posted on Weibo and Wechat which reads: “Somebody come get me….S3x… for free… 6316”.

The 19-year-old blogger was wearing provocative clothes when she carelessly shared her location in Sanya, China as well as her hotel room number.

Around 3000 men reportedly swarmed her door at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. Some even called the hotel asking for her details.

However, the blogger, later on, said that her post was just a joke.

But the joke was on her as she was forced to check out the hotel while being escorted by hotel staff. Some online users even recorded her video and shared it online.

Qianjin Yeye was forced to asked people to “stop sharing” her offer and said it was “just a joke”.

Meanwhile, the hotel management lodged an official complaint against her. Authorities found and arrested her the next day, at a hotel in Sanya Pheonix International Airport.

Qianjin Yeye was detained for 15 days and fined 500 Yuan on the grounds of prostitution. I guess she’ll probably stay away from social media for a while as her Weibo account has since been taken down.

Via:  Elite Readers

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