25 People Who Will Be Lucky But Definitely Not Today (25 Pics)

Everyone has unsuccessful moments in life. But, if you treat them correctly, they will not spoil your mood, and maybe even make you happy. We gathered photos of people who had a day of terrible bad luck. Look and do not repeat this at home.

Something here definitely went wrong, but it was too late to stop

This trip to the zoo will be remembered for a long time

And now what?

“I will never use eyelash curlers”

It would be better if he fell on the asphalt

“I accidentally baked my phone in a pie”

“And only at noon noticed that something was wrong”

Warmed the car

“Mom ordered a cake. She asked with a blonde figure upstairs, but the auto-correction fixed on “blind”, and that’s what we got”

“And what should I do with this?”

Well, at least there’s sausage in it.

“Has anyone else ever had this?”

“I just wanted to make myself a breakfast”

Yes, we also do not know why she went there

Hopefully the next stop will be soon

That’s what “door-to-door” delivery means.

And how do you spend your evenings at home?

It seems that it is not very fond of animals

The owner of the car will have an unscheduled trip to the car wash

Here’s what it means to get the maximum dose of extreme

Someone caught a not very attentive waiter

The machine from “Harry Potter” – now in reality

Someone for the first time in a long time went on vacation

At least, I honestly confessed

“Never use bombs for baths with dyes! I was in the bath for 15 minutes, and even after 13 attempts to wash I remain a blue shade”

Have you ever had unsuccessful and funny things at the same time?

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