The Sun You Choose Will Show You the Hidden Features Of Your Personality (10 Pics)

We have prepared a short psychological test for you. It is a projective test which is designed to make a person respond to ambiguous stimuli (in this case a shape) which can reveal hidden emotions and some internal conflicts. In theory, whenever those stimuli are presented within this test, it allows the subjects to express their deeper thoughts.

Just pick a sun and you will see what that choice tells about you.

The Sun is the source of energy and light that gives life. That is why almost every culture places the Sun in the center of its culture and religion. That has been happening since prehistory.

In this test, you need to relax your mind. And without thinking, just choose the symbol of the Sun that you like the most.

Let’s see what is your result!


Positivity is your special trait. The glass is always half full for you. You always search for different ways to improve yourself and nothing can stop you in that.

This way of life makes you the best friend (and relative) the one can have.


For you, personal space and respect are the two most important things. You are more an introvert than extrovert. You are something in the middle… most of the time. You are not that distant front other people, however, you are a bit reserved.

Values that you respect are honesty and kindness. That is what you are like to everyone else. However, you should be aware that some people are using you because of those values. Trust your intuition.


You are very smart, curious and brave. You love a good adventure and you are constantly looking for a new knowledge. Towards others, you are transparent and honest.

All those traits make you a natural-born leader. People really trust you and respect you as a leader. Your ability to trust your guts and your intellect are the things that make you a good leader.


You never get tired! You have thousands of different ideas which sometimes don’t even let you sleep. That being said, you always like a good challenge that can lead you to a good opportunity.

Carpe Diem is your motto. You love life, and you are trying to live it to the fullest!!!! That makes you create your dreams and achieving all kinds of goals.


You are very empathic. That pushes you to help others with their problems and you like to think of yourself as some kind of a hero. You simply inspire everyone around you to be good and they like to listen to you because you are very intelligent. However, that is sometimes a downside because you don’t like to talk and share your thoughts with others.


This Sun is something you would draw in your kindergarten. That is why people who choose this image are generally very joyful and they like to have fun. You see every single obstacle as a way to learn something.

You don’t run from criticism and people around you often see you as a leadership material.


When there is a new goal in front of you, you will “go to the moon and back” to make it happen. However, there are usually too many goals in front of you. That is why you need to pick the most important goal and just concentrate on it.

In the eyes of others, you are a person full of energy and someone who does not quit! You are simply a walking motivation for other people.


You are a very patient person. As soon as someone does something bad to you, you simply forget and very rarely get offended. You are a very mature person and a great thinker.

And like to others, love and other feelings are very important to you but ratio and intellect always come first.

What do you think about this test?

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