8 Everyday Science That Reveals You Have A Personality Disorder (8 Pics)

Every person has his own preferences and everyday rituals. We rarely think about why they have such habits. We are accustomed to seeing them as very common actions, while scientists claim that habits (although they may seem like random) can tell a lot about some parts of our personality that we are trying to hide. We have prepared a list of 7 common habits and find out which secrets they can discover. At the end of the article, you can see how to distinguish sincere from false people.

1. Organic food

People who do not eat harmful foods and choose quality food without hormones and pesticides are prone to condemning other people. They are selfish and subjective towards others. The main author of this study explains the results: “They think they’re doing the right thing and have the right to be orally incorrect in the future. This can be compared with thinking that when you go to the gym and run a few miles, you can eat a beverage.” The same goes for people who eat organic food. They give themselves certain points that they can later spend on immoral actions.

2. Sunbathing in the solarium

Most people are aware of the negative effects of the solarium and this leads to a reduction in people who are “quivering”. However, there are still people who visit them regularly, and scientists say that the desire for sunbathing under artificial sun rays shows that these people have other dependencies. For example, they have a 6 times greater chance of becoming alcoholics and 3 times more likely to suffer from bipolar affective disorders.

3. Showering with cold water

Scientists claim that people often compensate for emotional warmth by changing the temperature of the water they shower. For example, the more time people spend under a warm shower, the more lonely it feels. What about those who like a cool shower? The research has shown that they are stubborn, self-centered and do not value the opinions of others. They can listen to someone else’s view of things, but they will never agree with him.

4. Bags

A few years ago, shopping bags became very popular and people were happy to replace them with plastic and paper bags. In this case, as well as organic food lovers, they feel that they collect points for the good thing they do, so they often buy unhealthy foods such as chips, chocolates, carbonated drinks, and so on. The authors of the study explain that consumers who buy fabric clippers think that because they care about the environment, they have the right to buy something tasty and unhealthy.

5. E-mail

An email can tell a lot about someone’s personality:

– People who never ignore the new mail (deploy, delete, or respond to what they get) like to keep things under control.

– If a person rarely deletes messages after reading, this is a sign of perfectionism. A person needs a sense of security. He’ll keep everything in each case.

– People who leave mail unread and do not delete, are more intelligent because they understand that reading them will not bring anything useful and do not waste time on it.

6. Likes on social networks

During the research, scientists have discovered that with the help of Facebook facebook you can discover half the people, political views, religious views, intelligence levels. The study was conducted to improve the sales of various goods, but researchers also found that they were the likes and signs of laziness. People can care about something with a click of a computer mouse. This saves time and does not require any effort.

7. Bitter food

Everyone knows someone who drank coffee without sugar and milk. Scientists claim that people who drink pure black coffee are prone to psychological disorders – like those that have serial killers.
According to the results of the study, people who prefer the bitter taste can be psychopaths. At the same time, people who like beer, tonic and other unsweetened drinks are more susceptible to sadism or narcissism – they can be hypocritical, suicidal and selfish. Also, they can enjoy the suffering of other people.

8. Bonus: How to distinguish fake from honest people

Everyone wants to be successful – that’s not disputable. However, false people will rush to tell others about their accomplishments. They want to present themselves in the best possible way. Sincere people do not have to prove anything to anyone. They can be filled and happy without showing it and knowing that they are looking forward to the success of other people.

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