You’ll Never Look At A Bathroom The Same After Reading This

1. Get You Some

 I’d have that smirk on my face too toilet man! Keep those hands where I can see them.

2. Everyone Loves Dark Chocolate


This is a deep and dark chocolate sense of humor. At least, let’s hope it’s a joke!

3. Someone Let A Load Out

 Well, that takes the saying to another level. Someone should really see a doctor, the cost of healthcare be damned.

4. Urinal With Bladder Issues

 This urinal needs a trip to the doctor as well. The real question is who is brave enough to pop it and run?

5. This Should Raise Questions

 For those with a voyeur bathroom fetish…I present you exhibit A! Can anyone explain this? It definitely brings a new meaning to “a seat with a view.”

6. This Doesn’t Happen Every Day

 This is precisely why you shouldn’t drink too much. Also, someone give that dude a raise he clearly earned it. You have to wonder exactly how this conversation went.

7. Let’s Get It On

 For those who are slightly confused, the girl on one knee isn’t proposing in the bathroom stall. What you witness here is her embarking on a journey to the town of fellatio if you’re still confused just use your favorite search engine.

8. Buy This Person A Beer Immediately

 This should be in every public and high school bathroom around the world. There are some things that just need to be said.

9. Someone Has To Say It

 In case there were any questions, each has been efficiently answered for you.

10. So, This Is What Darwin Meant?

 Seriously…this can’t be real… what kind of nasty mutha….yeah, this is exactly what Darwin meant. Whatever diseases are contracted after this meal were well earned.

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