Things Guys Can Say To Their Bike But Not To Their Girlfriend(s)

Guys like these (you can count me) talk to their regular things like jeans, cell phone and shit (yes, some guys talk shit, while some talk about shit) and even to their bike more than their girlfriend, because they never question his intelligence and come with on and off button.

Keeping this in mind, we at WittyFeed have compiled the list of stuff which men can say to their bike, but not to their girlfriends.

Have a look!

#1 “I can say that I have a bike”.


Well, anyone who has confessed this, must be the ones of who’re friendzoned.

“I wish you weren’t black.”

And this, from guys who made the wrong choice at first and then regret later.

#3 “Sometimes I have to choke her in the morning to get her going.”

This comes from the guys to the girls who’re clumsy and lazy to the limits.

#4 “All my buddies love riding it.”

These are guys who believe “sharing is caring”.

#5 “It never runs out of gas.”

No mater how long you keep driving, it’d never run out of gas.

#6 “The sound which comes through your hole is amazing.”

For some, the sound is more important than the beauty.

#7 “Let’s see someone who can get the louder sound out of you.”

#Dedicated to every bullet motorcycle owner in this country.

#8 “I’m lucky that you never suck.”

It’s hard to find guys who say this to their bike, but still some of them exist!

#9 “Thank you for not getting jealous when I ride on my friends’…”

Seriously, every guy would agree on this and will be saying this to their bike straightaway.

#10 Guys who like to spend some alone time shares:

“My motorcycle also understands the concept of alone time and doesn’t nag me to death when I want to play video games after work.”

#11 “I get scared when my dad rides on you.”

Haha, the unfortunate guy. Poor lad.

That’s all, folks!


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