6 Things Women Get Wrong About What Men Find Attractive

Below is a detailed discussion of just what men find attractive in a woman. Some of these you may expect. However, we can almost guarantee that a few would shock you to the core!

No Need to Become a Pencil

The media may tell us that the skinnier a woman is the better. However, there may be good news for the curvier females out there. In a physical sense, men don’t really go for women who are pencil thin. If we have to get into the nitty-gritty of it, men actually look more at the ratio of a woman’s waist to her hips.

Studies have shown that men prefer an hourglass-like figure. A woman’s waist, for them, should ideally be around 70% of her waist. If you have a figure like that, you’re more like a conventional model than anything else. This is true no matter what your dress size is.


No, we’re not saying that a man would definitely be or not be attracted to you if the ratio is off. However, the attraction is purely evolutionary and has its basis in a man’s psyche.

It doesn’t really tell us what kind of a man he is. That is up to you to find out. If he’s really the one, not even the size of your waist and hips would matter.

This is not to say that you start gorging on everything in sight. Excess weight and obesity can lead to many health issues. The point is that one should not starve themselves for the sake of attracting someone. Especially if it doesn’t even work that way.

Faces versus Body Shapes

Many women may be guiled into thinking that men prefer to look at body shape rather than the face of a woman. However, many studies have disproved this myth. When men are looking for someone to settle down with, they would actually look at the physical features of a face more than her body. This does not mean they ignore the waist-hip factor. However, the male psyche is more attuned to facial features even though body shapes have a role in attraction too. So you may be better off scrubbing and cleaning your face.

With all the bad rap about males not being able to look a woman in the eye, we feel it is time to reveal the facts. While some men may only look at the bodies of women, this usually means they’re looking for something causal rather than permanent.

So if you want to gauge whether a guy is here for the long haul, check where he’s looking. If it’s your face, you have someone who’s searching for something serious. It is then up to you to decide whether you want the same thing or not.

The Makeup Factor

Women usually spend hours on their makeup before an important meeting or party. They may feel inclined to spend even more time and effort on their appearance if they want to catch a certain male’s eye. However, having your eyeliner and contour on point is usually more for other women rather than for men. This is because females would be more aware of just how difficult it is to get makeup look natural and gorgeous at the same time.

While men would appreciate the fact that you took time to look good for him, he would probably not look at the details. In fact, men would probably get more attracted to you if you wore a little less than full makeup every single day.

We recommend that you take an insightful look at yourself when it comes to painting your face. If you’re doing it for your own happiness, there’s no better reason to fall into the paint box! However, if you’re not big fan of makeup, stick to the basics. Your man would probably like your face all the more. Plus, you would have more time on your hands for your actual interests.

The Adventurous Spirit

We know that men love taking risks. Skydiving, chopping wood, scaling mountains…all these are usually labeled as activities which men do for the adrenaline rush if nothing else. However, women may think that they have to stay away from these activities in order to look delicate and feminine. They somehow think that this would make them more attractive to the men they like.

However, this is a somewhat misogynistic way to think. It’s also a very misguided point of view, in fact. Some men may like women who do nothing but cook delicious meals and arrange flowers. However, just as many males would like someone who can go on these adventures with them. These include activities that could take us back to our primitive hunter-gatherer roots. Examples are rafting, hiking, climbing, etc. These would awaken a bond between two human beings if they do it together.

Of course, one must keep in mind that the same might not be true of modern risks. Neglecting to wear your seatbelt, for instance, may be a risk but not one that would attract a man. In fact, if he is a sensible guy, he may actually be turned off by this lack of responsibility.

Being a Little Messy

Being perfectly groomed all the time could really knock the wind out of you. The good news is, you don’t always have to be spiffed up and manicured when he comes around. It’s all very well to be elegant and sophisticated, and men may appreciate your efforts. However, there are also men in the world who like a girl just as she is.

Hence, try out a grunge look if you find it comfortable. Don’t run away to change into a dress; your comfy pajamas may actually make him more attracted towards you. In short, there is no need to be ashamed of being human! A real man would love you for yourself, and that wouldn’t change with smudged eyeliner. It would also give out the message that you’re not always on the alert and begging for his attention.

A Little Crazy

Many women may think that just because men usually tend to play it cool, this is what they like in a woman too. However, being a little hot and bothered can actually be very appealing to a male. No, this is not because of how protective or strong he feels when watching a woman becoming paranoid. The basis of this attraction could just be psychological in nature.

Experts say that usually when a male sees a woman become a bit worried about everyday matters, he may find her as good potential for a life partner.

Why is this so? Because it shows how much she would worry and care about their potential offspring. And as we know, offspring are all that matter when it comes to evolution.

Hence, don’t worry about not worrying! Be a bit neurotic, but not to the extent that you ruin your life and his. Even if both of you don’t want kids, this characteristic is still speaking because it’s ingrained in our genetic makeup.

The above points do not mean that you change your very nature in order to get a guy. However, there are some things one should not be overly conscious of. The discussion above is a way of reinforcing the fact that your significant other should love you for yourself. In any case, one should not try too hard to attract someone’s attention. If you’re comfortable with yourself, that’s really all one needs.

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